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The Best Small Business Phone System For A Startup Office 

business-phone If you run a startup, you know how difficult it can be to get off the ground and gain traction in a competitive marketplace. Of course, managing the day to day affairs in your startup office should be your top priority. And this means optimizing your startup office’s business phone system. Thanks to telecom service providers that gear their services towards business phone systems, this is a cinch.

In this article, we will cover the best phone numbers for business. We will also discuss the many ways to integrate them into your current startup office business phone system. This will include:

  • Setting up a Startup Business Phone System with Virtual Phone Numbers
  • Incorporating a Directory for Your Business Phone System
  • Optimizing Your Business Phone System with Add-ons

Setting up a Startup Business Phone System with Virtual Phone Numbers

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The most essential starting point for setting up your startup office is by using virtual phone numbers from the get-go. In their most simple definition, virtual phone numbers are just like “regular” phone numbers. This only difference is, they run on the power of cloud computing technology (i.e. VoIP). This means that startup offices gain a host of functionalities that would otherwise be impossible with typical landline services.

Different Types of Virtual Numbers

Virtual phone numbers come in a variety of types, including toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, DID numbers, and more, so there are endless ways to use them in your startup. Each comes benefits that keep your organization in line with other high-performing organizations. For example, using toll-free numbers imparts a professional aesthetic to your small business. Vanity numbers (numbers with a visually-appealing set of digits) are a natural choice when combined with your advertising efforts.

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Getting Virtual Numbers for Your Business

Best of all, most service providers of virtual phone numbers make the process of purchasing simple and headache-free. In fact, many providers enable your startup office to begin using them within 24 hours or less. And depending on the company that you choose, you can have access to international phone numbers for convenient international communication. This allows you to operate international phone lines without:

  • Service restrictions
  • Long-distance fees
  • The necessity of “dialing out” of their home country

Incorporating a Directory for your Business Phone System

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If you want your startup office to operate as a professional entity, you will want to use the Advanced IVR/PBX function. Advanced IVR/PBX enables inbound callers to be greeted with a touch-tone and/or voice-activated directory. This allows callers to self-select through your company virtually and find information that they need. An operator will not be necessary to direct calls or provide redundant info.

Furthermore, using a PBX enables your business to provide key employees and departments with their own extensions. Even if your small business only has a few employees, you can project a professional image. The Advanced IVR/PBX feature can compartmentalize calls so inbound callers reach the right destination.

Optimizing Your Business Phone System with Add-ons

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As an example, long-time service provider United World Telecom offers its subscribers the ability to use add-ons like time of day routing, simultaneous ringing, failover forwarding, and more. Time of day routing enables your startup office to forward calls to different destination numbers based on the time of day that they’re placed. If a call is received outside of regular business hours, another call center or voicemail can handle it properly. This can give your startup office a 24/7 accessible business phone system that accommodates the widest audience possible.

Creating the best small business phone system for your small business and startup is easy with virtual phone numbers. By leveraging this ever-advancing technology, your startup office can be more efficient and better-performing. After subscribing to United World Telecom, you gain versatile features that allow your business to maximize communication. Contact us to get virtual phone numbers for your startup office today.

Author Name: Tom Senkus

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Author Biography: As an entrepreneur, Tom Senkus shares his knowledge on how to optimize your startup for maximum effectiveness. He provides words of wisdom and emerging trends that can lead to results in a competitive global marketplace.