Thanko unveils Innovative USB Cleaner Mouse to keep the Computer Desk Clean

Thanko USB Cleaner Mouse Thanko has introduced a USB Cleaner Mouse peripheral in the Japanese market. This innovative gadget cleans the computer desk.

With just a push of a button, the motor located inside the Cleaner Mouse starts sucking dust from the desk. Also, the mouse incorporates a small compartment where the sucked dust is accumulated. Users can clean this compartment regularly.

The mouse is powered by USB 1.1 although it also supports USB 2.0.

Like all other computer mice, even the Thanko USB Cleaner Mouse features a scroll wheel, left and right click buttons. A vacuum cleaner button is located at the right side of the mouse.

However, the mouse’s shape is little odd and would not interest everyone. However, if you are obsessed with cleaning then the peripheral might help you.

The USB Cleaner Mouse is available in the Japanese market for 1980 yen.