Thanko 4GB Solar powered MP3 player – One More Go-Green Gadget

Thanko 4GB Solar MP3 player

It’s high time we all turn to gadgets which will support and nurture the environment in gentleness. Thanko introduces their energy saving 4GB Solar powered MP3 player which will eliminate the wastage of electricity and batteries and will use natural ways to fuel up the system.

As environmentalists fear the global warming effects, its time for us to accept devices and methods which will ensure that it doesn’t harm Mother Nature in any way. The device uses smart solar panels on the player which will pull the energy from sun rays and deliver music to your ears. The Thanko player displays very well with its 220×176 pixels LCD which is apt for playing in-built games and viewing pictures on its screen.

The device packs in a built-in radio that plays through the mono speaker (10mw x 10mw (320hw)) and the voice recorder does a great job of recording as well. The software on the player converts AVI / RM / MPG / VOB / DAT / RMVB files intelligently to the video format. The player also supports various formats like MP3/WMA/WAV. For more additional space one can add up to a 2GB external SD card on its memory expansion slot.

For convenience in charging, the solar panel separates itself from the player and can be placed in the sun for its charging time. On a bright sunny day, if the device is charged in the sun for around one hour, it will deliver 15 minutes of video viewing and 35 minutes of music. And for those rainy and dry days, the device can also be charged using the USB and main ports, and it will take around 5 hours for the device to be completely charged via USB. The eco-friendly sets its foot on to Japan’s soil at a price of 9,980 yen which converts approximately to $96 USD.