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Test For In-Store Recycling Program introduced by Best Buy

Best Buy Logo Best Buy has begun its recycle program that involves customers too. People can get their two electronic items per day to 117 of the chain’s stores for recycling purposes. Best Buy accepts electronic gadgets too.

Only selected Best Buy stores in Baltimore, San Francisco and Minnesota cities are currently offering the facility of accepting consumers’ electronic products for the recycling program. Also, stores will accept accessories such as old printer cartridges, CDs and DVDs, and rechargeable batteries.

Users can deposit their gadgets such as cameras, phones, computers etc at Best Buy. However, devices like air conditioners, microwave ovens, and console televisions will not be accepted by the store. While, the size of monitors to be accepted for recycling program is restricted at up to 32-inches.

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“We want to take the time to learn if we can handle this before we go any further,” said spokeswoman Kelly Groehler.

Best Buy has approached recycling vendors to recycle the collected equipments. Moreover, it has agreed to use vendors who will employ best recycling practices and not allow improper export of hazardous waste.

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