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Tesla Factory Sabotaged, ‘Lie of the Green Automobile’ Cited As Motive

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The Elon Musk-owned EV maker Tesla’s Gigafactory at Berlin has been reportedly attacked by saboteurs who set cables supplying electricity to the construction site on fire.

An alleged confession letter points to political reasons targeting Tesla.

Tesla’s project to build a factory outside Berlin has faced some opposition, but it has now reached a new level, Electrek reported on Wednesday.

The police confirmed that a fire occurred on ground electric cables that supply power to the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin construction site.

They are assuming that it was an “attack”, as it looks like flammable liquid was used to set the cables on fire.

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The police don’t have a lead on suspects, but an alleged confession letter has spread on social media from a group calling itself “Vulkangruppe”.

In the letter, the group confirmed that it was targeting Tesla.

“On the night of May 25 to 26, 2021, we cut the power supply to the construction site of the Tesla Giga factory in Grunheide near Berlin by setting fire to six high-voltage cables laid above ground to have,”the letter reads.

“Tesla is neither green, ecological nor social. Our fire stands against the lie of the green automobile,” it added.

However, the energy supplier who owns the power cables confirmed that the attack failed to affect Tesla’s construction site.

They said that the fire didn’t force them to stop the power supply.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin project is very important to the future of the automaker and especially its expansion in Europe with the launch of the Model Y in the market, the report said.

The automaker was first supposed to start production at the factory in July 2021, but there have been many rumors of delays.

Most recently, Musk said that Tesla could start production toward the end of the year.

This isn’t the first time that Tesla has been the target of saboteurs.

Last year, Tesla and the FBI managed to avoid a ransomware sabotage attempt at Gigafactory Nevada.

The automaker’s Supercharger stations have also been sabotaged in the past, according to the report.