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Temple Run 2 available for Android

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 for Android has finally been launched on the Google Play store a week after the new game went online for Apple’s iOS devices. Last week, Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Imangi Studios confirmed the delay saying that he expected it out this week, although the time frame he gave was a rough estimate.

But it seems Temple Run 2 for Android has made its deadline for the platform this time around. When the first game in the series was released in August of 2011, only iOS users had access to the addictive grab and run gameplay it dropped on players.

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In fact, for the previous version of the game, those on the Google platform had to wait about 8 months before they could make their escape from demonic monkeys. It came out on the open platform towards the end of March last year.

So what does the latest game bring to the table? For starters, it features new graphics and fresh ‘organic’ environments. As might be expected, there are new obstacles and even more power-ups as well as a padded list of achievements.

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Moreover, each playable character in the game has their own special powers, so players must chose wisely when selecting a virtual representation of themselves. Even the demon monkeys have gotten larger and seem more tenacious and ferocious, when it comes to chasing the player.

But most importantly, the title brings back the familiar gameplay that made the original so popular and addictive. It garnered over 170 million downloads in its life cycle and the developer claims it redefined gaming on the go. The offering will see players make their way through forests, cliff faces, mines and zip lines as they try to escape with the idol.

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Temple Run 2 for Android is available to download from the Play store for free and The Next Web was the first to spot the game when it went live for the Google platform. It is compatible with OS version 2.1 and up and comprises a fairly large download, coming in a 32MB package. It is also available to iOS users, but comes in an even larger bundle of about 45MB and is compatible with a host of Apple devices.