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Tellme launches Voice Search Application for BlackBerry Phones

Tellme logo, Screenshot Tellme, a subsidiary of Microsoft, has launched an innovative voice search application for RIM BlackBerry. With the new application, users can just speak their commands into the BlackBerry phone to find information on the device.

For using the new talk and find application, users will need to simply hold down the ‘talk’ button and say a keyword. Then users can see the results on the screen.

Using GPS capability in the phone, Tellmeā€™s new application can deliver users local information such as movies, traffic information, weather, maps and driving direction etc. Also users can find out business or business categories, such as “coffee” or “hardware” results with the business address, driving directions, an option to call the business or share the listing with a friend.

“Tellme believes in the power of voice to transform how people use devices,” said Mike McCue, founder and general manager of Tellme. “Tellme delivers an end-to-end experience. As opposed to broad Web search where the user sees a list of results, Tellme focuses on specific tasks where a spoken request leads to a specific answer — like a movie show time, local weather info or driving directions.”

Initially the service will be available only on BlackBerry. Upcoming Helio phones will also feature this service.