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Telegram supergroups can now have 5000 members


The ever growing feature-list of Telegram has unsurprisingly grown bigger now, even as the app has just been blessed with a huge new update. Its makers have revealed that supergroups, one of its most loved features has now extended the limit of maximum members to a whopping 5000.

The limit used to be 1000 earlier, and the update will hence help admins gain a much wider reach for their messages than before. And in case something is very important and they don’t want anyone to miss it, they can make use of Telegram’s new Pinned messages trait.

These messages stay at the top for as long as the admin wants them to, and users get their notifications even if they’ve muted the supergroup. This Telegram update which has come to the Android and iOS versions of the app by the way, even allows you to make any supergroup public.

When that’s done, a link is generated and can be sent to anyone who wishes to join the supergroup. Once a user does that, they receive full access to the supergroup’s entire chat history as well.

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With the introduction of supergroups had come the huge problem of spammers. Telegram is again doing its bit to solve this by equipping this update with fresh moderatio tools. This will allow group admins to quickly delete all messages from a specific member, and even block and report them. While all these features are limited to just supergroups, any group can now be converted into a supergroup, which is great news.

The new Telegram update can be downloaded now through the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.