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Teen Girls Access Web More Than Boys, finds Survey

Social Networking Teens

Social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook are booming these days. Everybody is expanding their social network online and teenagers are no exception to it.

A survey conducted by Pew Internet and American Life Project suggests that 64 percent of online teenagers are between the ages of 12 to 17 and they actively participate in content creation.

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Moreover, 35% of all teen girls blog as compared to 20 percent of online boys. Girls dominate in generating content on the internet. 54 percent of web savvy teen-girls post their photos online. On the other hand only 40 percent of online boys share their pictures.

However, Pew found that as much as 20 percent boys indulge in posting and sharing videos. Instead only 10 percent of girls like to post videos online.

About half of the teens have posted their photos online so that others can see them. They say that their photo is commented on sometimes. To release the tension of teenagers’ parents, the survey says that the teens limit the access of content shared. And do not allow everybody to view it.

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Pew says that this generation of teenagers is a super-communicator one and they use technology options like landline phones, mobile phones, texting, social network sites, instant messaging, and email to stay in touch with friends and families.

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