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8 TeamViewer Alternatives

Teamviewer Alternatives

The following TeamViewer alternatives help you to remotely control your computer. They will also aid you in all your desktop sharing endeavors. You can rely on any one of these substitutes whenever you want to gain access to your files and folders that are stored on a certain PC. TeamViewer allows you to control computers through the internet and seamlessly copy files to and from the remote PC. What’s more, there are respective apps allotted for iOS and Android-powered devices so that you can easily connect to the computers that matter to you even while on the go.

1 – SupRemo:


Our first pick in this list of alternatives is SupRemo which enables easy-to-use remote desktop control and support. It works with AES 256-bit encryption to offer customers a safe and reliable service. The data transfer protocol that SupRemo utilizes enables you to begin using it without needing any router or firewall configuration. You can download it for free for personal use, or sign up for any one of their business plans.

The software is compatible with PC and can also be downloaded for Android, iPhone and iPad devices. It supports USilio, apart from boasting of being UAC-complaint. SupRemo users can customize the executable file with their very own brand or logo, apart from taking advantage of features like multiple connections to a single PC, an integrated file transfer app, an in-built chat application, the ability to install the software as a Windows service and more.

2 – Remote Access Plus:

remote access plus Remotely access and troubleshoot organization computers from anywhere! Remote Access Plus is exclusive software that lets administrators and technicians connect remotely to and fix enterprise devices.

You can establish and record remote sessions, access more than 12 diagnostic tools like the task manager, the event viewer, and the terminal; reconnect to remote sessions after a reboot or restart; initiate users to chat, video, and voice calls; detect multiple monitors and display them on a single console; and do so much more with ManageEngine Remote Access Plus.

With Remote Access Plus, you can tighten your security standards to help with HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS compliance, and troubleshoot your Windows, Mac, and Linux devices securely.

Explore all of Remote Access Plus’ features on either the cloud or on-premises with a free, 30-day trial immediately. Also download the mobile app to troubleshoot IT problems on the go.

3 – LogMeIn Pro:

LogMeIn Pro

Our second software option hits the scene tagged with the line ‘access, support and manage devices anytime, anywhere.’ LogMeIn Pro extends complete remote access for Windows and Mac computers. According to the brains behind the innovation, you can also watch videos in HD and stream sound remotely. You’ll even be able to gain access and securely transfer files between computers via file manager.

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It also makes printing documents from your PC a much easier process. There are Android and iOS apps that enable you to control your PC as if you’re sitting right in front of it, although you might be miles away. You can always try it for free before pulling out that wallet to purchase the complete version that’s priced at just under $70 for one PC.

4 – Ammyy Admin:

Ammyy Admin

‘Just do it remotely,’ is the call to arms here. Ammyy Admin is noted to be a multi-task solution for remote desktop sharing and computer administration. You’ll be able to manage network computers and servers remotely without bothering to dabble in complicated NAT settings tweaks or firewalls. Through the internet, you can gain access to your office desktop from anywhere around the world.

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Furthermore, the program can also be used for online presentations or conducting virtual classes for distance education purposes. That means you also bargain for a free tool that offers real-time voice communication. And unlike some of the other alternatives to TeamViewer, this one can be acquired absolutely free of cost.

5 – Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection:

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

Want to gain complete access to all your files, programs and network resources stored on your office PC while sitting at your home computer? Well, if that’s what you want, you can always give Microsoft’s brainchild a go. This tool already comes packed within the Windows installation bundle. But if you own a Mac computer and want to control a Windows-based PC then what do you do?

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Well, we have a solution for that too. Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac allows you to seamlessly work with applications, files, and programs that are situated on the Windows-based PC. You can either download it separately or acquire the same via the Office for Mac 2011 bundle.

6 – UltraVNC:


Here’s another free entrant in our roster of programs like TeamViewer. It has the ability to splash the screen of another PC directly onto your preferred PC via the network or internet. You can easily access and control the other computer from anywhere across the globe.

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Some of its key attributes read as file transfer, optional encryption plugins, text chat, Java viewer with file transfer, video driver, MS Logon, viewer toolbar, multiple-monitor support, auto reconnection, and repeater/proxy-support. The open-source application also features some neat add-ons like SingleClick generator, NATtoNAT connectors, and Reapeater.

7 – Radmin Remote Control Software:

Radmin 3

Also known as Remote Administrator, this inclusion in our alternatives to TeamViewer lineup is fashioned exclusively for the Windows platform. As the company reveals, Radmin ‘enables you to work on a remote computer in real-time as if you were using its own keyboard and mouse.’ You can view a remote computer screen on a local monitor either as a full-screen display or simply a window. Important files and folders can also be transferred to and from the PC minus any lag. You’ll even be able to chat with the user at the other end via voice chat or text chat. A few of its other attributes include DirectScreenTransfer technology, 256-bit AES encryption, Intel AMT support, remote Shutdown or reboot, user-friendly interface, and multiple monitors support.

8 – ISL Light:

ISL Light

The final gem is looked upon as a user-friendly remote desktop support software that helps you control any Mac, Linux or Windows PC. All you have to do is download the desk application of the program and save it on your desktop so that you can begin your session with just one simple click.

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What’s more, you can also connect to the computer via your very own iOS, Android or Windows Mobile phone or tablet. The company has unveiled free apps for each of these respective platforms.


Picture this – You’re on a business trip and urgently need a particular file from your office computer. What do you do? Well, that’s where the TeamViewer alternatives come in. Any one of the aforementioned delights will help you access your computer and retrieve your desired files in an instant, anywhere, anytime. They also come packed with a host of other attributes that are found in the software in question. Do you have your heart set on any?

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