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Tata Sky slated to launch HD PVR set top box

Tata Sky HD PVR

With regards to the Indian television scene, it’s been a few years since the Conditional Access System (CAS) raised a storm while promising better quality of transmission and lowered cable bills among other advantages. This had companies like Airtel and Tata stepping into the scene and offering consumers a chance to opt for alternative entertainment sources in the form of DTH services. Tata Sky has now shared plans to introduce the HD PVR set top box across India soon.

While there isn’t much information on the Tata Sky HD PVR device, it has been mentioned that the set top box will offer 500GB of storage capacity. This will most likely provide some space for hoarding recorded shows and movies users may have missed due to a schedule that is not tuned to the TV guide’s. The ‘HD’ tag attached to the product name should clue in potential users about the picture quality of entertainment content which the device can be expected to render.

Tata Sky hasn’t offered anything more than a sneak peek of the HD PVR as yet. So the pricing details and definite launch date will have to wait under cover until the company decides to part with the information.