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For what tasks could AI replace humans?

Artificial Intelligence

Technology has seen substantial developments in the area of artificial intelligence. To truly assess how well these AI are designed, many have been pitted against human professionals. In the end, artificial intelligence proves to be far superior, leading many to hint at the possibility of using AI to replace humans in many different sectors.

Financial Analysts

These professionals have long been important in business to identify trends before they occur and use this information to help others make money through investments.

However, these once indispensable humans can no longer keep up with the effectiveness of AI financial analysis software. This AI has been designed to find trends using historic data to make informative predictions about the market. So effective is this technology, that many experts predict that 30% of these jobs will be replaced by computers within the next decade.


You might be surprised at this one, but yes, today’s technology has made it a bit easier for farmers. By using AI robots specially programmed for the task, these bots can do anything from milk a cow to pick a garden crop. While some analysts predict a significant amount of farmhands could be let go from their jobs, others are a bit more cautious. While these robots can perform tasks, many are not equipped to notice problems with livestock or crops that may lead farmers to make alternative decisions.

Poker Players

While many games have long offered computer generated players, they are a far cry from the AI used today to defeat some of the world’s best poker players. Two AIs have been tested and won in both situations. Most recently, the Chinese AI, Lengpudashi, won after a five day competition. Prior to that, Libratus defeated four of the world’s top players. Give this technology it is quite likely that future AI players could be used as a mentor to prepare yourself for an online poker tournament such as the one mentioned in JackpotCity review or even used potentially as a player as well with some adjustments of course. Given the success of the two already debuted AI, some wonder if human players will even want to compete against the AI.

Artificial intelligence technology has grown substantially in recent years leading many to wonder just what the future holds.