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Tanita UG-201 Urine Glucose Monitor gets portable

Tanita UG-201 We all are familiar with diabetes and its ill effects and are combating this killer disease by taking precautions and safety measures. To support the prevention system further, Tanita, Japan introduces the latest device named Tanita UG-201 urine glucose monitor which can be used easily anywhere by a layman to check the urine glucose level.

The device provides an easy measurement and also gives an accurate result with its intelligent working. The Tanita UG-201 can be easily used by the patient by simply urinating on the detection system. The device may not be able to detect blood sugar level but it keeps a check on the urine sugar level, which is closely correlated with the blood sugar levels, thus alerting diabetes patients on a timely basis.

The medical system incorporates a biosensor based on the enzyme electrode method and the device is carefully designed in a way that it avoids any sort of spill out of the urine samples and makes an exact judgment. In only 6 seconds this intelligent piece of technology checks the urine glucose level. Running on one CR2032 lithium watch battery, the Tanita UG-201 gives around 180 days of battery life with the assumption that measurement is conducted thrice a day.

The Tanita UG-201 can be used on a mobile basis and for the same purpose; the device weighs as light as 150g inclusive of the cover, the sensor cartridge and the preservation solution bottle. Ideal for travel, the UG-201 also comes with a preservation solution bottle which can be used while the device is hibernating in your shelves.

The Tanita UG-201 urine glucose monitor sets its foot in Japan June 20, 2008 and comes with a price tag of ¥16,000 which if for its starter kit and the package is inclusive of main unit, sensor cartridge, preservation bottle, etc. The sensor will require a change every two months and they are expected to be priced at ¥6,000 each.