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Tandberg E20 VOIP Business Phone: Get Talking

Tandberg E20 Phone

As the VOIP feature gets popular, we have quite a few gadgets that step in with this facility and each phone or gadget promises better features and better performance. The Tandberg E20 VOIP Business Phone steps in with its large display screen and feature-filled surprises.

The Tandberg E20 VOIP Business Phone features a large 10.6-inch display screen which provides a clear and wide picture. The phone features 5MP camera that gives an amazing clarity to the receiving person on the other end. The VOIP phone also possesses interesting features such as a 20kHz speaker phone, 10kHz handset and IP-related telephony functions.

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Even receive multimedia presentations through the Tandberg E20 phone. Calling from a phone no longer is limited to the landline connection. Get used to speaking over the internet and with the introduction of VOIP phones, it gets better than ever.

The Tandberg E20 phone promises a clear conversation with a great combination of good audio and visual features. Say ‘Hello’ to your friends located across the country and speak in style using the rich quality features of the Tandberg E20 VOIP Business Phone. The phone will present itself by next year and there is no clarity in regards to its price.

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