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Taiwanese pop star clicks selfie with iPhone 6, reveals more about device

It’s not often that stars participate in the leaking of tech products, but Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin who has just released pictures of the iPhone 6 is an exception. Back before the official debut of the iPhone 5C too, this celebrity had managed to showcase the device in the form of images.

The next big Apple smartphone’s 4.7-inch version is what has leaked out this time around. Lin was nice enough to take a selfie holding the said device alongside the 5S and post it onto his Weibo account. He has even released two other photographs of the phones having been placed besides each other.

Jimmy Lin With iPhone 6

What’s noticeable is the rounded-edge design approach of the iPhone 6 which is in line with that of the iPad Air’s. Moreover, as had been speculated before, the power button on this new device is indeed placed on its right surface rather than on top. In his Weibo post (via G4Games) through which he has leaked the pictures, Lin has also revealed that though the device provides a good grip, it can be slippery due to its surface material.

How Lin managed to acquire the device is a matter open to debate, but what we’ve learnt is that all that has come to light through these pictures is in line with previous leaks and rumors. The iPhone 6 is supposed to be released in September this year in its 4.7-inch form, but a huge 5.5-inch model will also be launched later on, propelling the device into the phablet category.

Jimmy Lin With iPhone 6

We’ll keep bringing you more Apple iPhone 6 news as and when there’s something new to reveal.