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Tahka is just for keeping my hands warm as I text, silly!

What kind of odd scientific apparatus is that red thing wrapped around the young lady’s hands? It’s the Tahka for keeping your hands and smartphone warm as you text. Simply put, winter’s coming and you may not want to choose between a glove-friendly Nokia Lumia or Huawei Ascend and frostbitten fingers.

Enter, the Tahka Kickstarter project. It’s a sort of conjoined pair of mittens into which users can slip their phone-grasping hands. There’s a clear plastic screen at the center for letting them text, play games and what not, without feeling the winter chill.


The whole thing can be slung around the neck by the strap attached to it. Because, hey, if you don’t mind looking like a prat with your hands in the wearable, why would this one little addition bother you? It is convenient after all.

The makers behind the Tahka mention that 0° to 35° C is the temperature range within which a smartphone operates optimally. Which is why one must never review a handset while out in the open on a cold, wintry day. Right.

There are three versions of the wearable to pick from – Canadian, Universal and Luxury. The first has a standard waterproof nylon coat in red, maroon fleece lining and white knit cuffs. The second offers these three components in a choice of colors. The third swaps the nylon for leather.

Here’s the Kickstarter page (dug up via Phandroid) for the Tahka. The price starts at $49 CAD for the first 150 buyers and then $59 CAD onwards. The estimated shipping date is January 2014 and you have 25 days to back this project which needs to reach a goal of $20,000 CAD.