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Tag Heuer’s Diamond-Encrusted Watch: Is It Really Worth It?

tag-heuer-45-connected-modular-full-diamond Think of what you could do with $180,000: a house, a car, a round-the-world trip, or even donate it to charity. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it will be hard to find someone whose answer would be a smartwatch covered in 589 diamonds. The 45 Connected Modular Full Diamond is the name of the latest questionable product from longstanding Swiss watch company Tag Heuer: we wish there could be at least one saving grace, but honestly, it’s hard to find.

The most basic Tag Heuer Connected model will set you back roughly $1,200, maybe even cheaper if you price check online, which is actually pretty good. But the point is, basically all you’re getting with the Full Diamond is a cosmetic makeover (if you can even call it that). The device runs Android Wear 2.0, with an AMOLED screen, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, and an Intel Atom Z34XX processor. To attempt to beat the mighty Apple Watch – which is far cooler and packs way more of a punch – with 589 diamonds just seems shortsighted and lacking in creative vision.

Fitbit is probably the closest company that has a shot at beating Apple Watch, with decent fitness tracking capabilities, a pleasing design, and an affordable price. However, if Tag Heuer is serious about the Connected, then it should give up this dream that consumers want an expensive smartwatch. An expensive mechanical watch? Now that’s a different story and often well worth the price tag, particularly with the grandiose and complex Swiss designs.

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Smartwatches are digitized and very much time stamped, for lack of a better word. The technology becomes obsolete and worn out within a few years, and before long your $180,000 diamond watch is just, well, a really expensive fashion accessory. The Verge summarized the madness of the watch quite succinctly: “Remember when Apple released the $17,000 solid-gold Apple Watch Edition? You could buy 11 of those and still have money left over for the price of one Connected Full Diamond.”

Is Tag Heuer capable of making quality watches? Of course, they are – their mechanical watches are a testament to that. But if it can focus less on what it thinks people want to wear, rather than what people actually want (other than bored millionaires with cash to splash), then it might be able to redeem itself. Buy a diamond-encrusted spoon if you want, just not this smartwatch.

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