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T-Mobile offering free data for life. So what’s the catch? [Updated]

Like carriers everywhere, T-Mobile’s been plotting on how it can get more customers. It’s hard being a service provider these days since there are mainly two types of folks – those with a smartphone already hooked to a plan and those who’re too lazy to switch operators.

But how about tablet owners? That’s a market T-Mobile is attempting to tap because ‘people know carriers will charge them an arm-and-a-leg for mobile data’ and end up buying devices which only connect over Wi-Fi. Now the company will put out the extremely tempting offer of a slate at $0 down payment and bundled with free data for life.

T-Mobile Free Data For Life

So far, it doesn’t look like there’s a catch anywhere – you buy a tablet without paying any upfront fees and pay the hardware cost in monthly installments. Along with the device, you also get 200MB of 4G data each month as long as you have an active Mobile Internet account. This does not mean users will have to purchase data in order to be eligible for the deal.

Prepaid customers have nothing to worry about, while postpaid subscribers will be required to have signed up for an On Demand data plan pegged as low as $0 a month. Once users are done with their 200MB, they can buy an On Demand pass or opt for a Simple Choice Mobile Internet Plan, if not wait for the next serving of free data.

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The 2013 Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 will be clubbed with this offer. The former will be sold starting from November 20 at $16 per month and the latter can be grabbed November 1 onwards at $19 a month. Or you can dump your old tablet for a discount on a new one. In case a buyer ditches T-Mobile before paying the stipulated amount every month for 2 years, the remaining device cost will be marked as due.

Customers can even choose to go with 500MB of 4G LTE data as part of an unlimited $10 per month plan or $5 daily passes of 500MB 4G data or $10 weekly passes delivering 1GB on 4G LTE. T-Mobile’s grand Tablets Unleashed deal will kick off in November. The $0 down payment bait is most probably a limited time offer.


T-Mobile has announced that the iPad Air and iPad mini will be available with free data for life from November 1. The new iPad mini with Retina will also join the party later in the month.

– iPad Air 32GB at $99.99 and 64GB at $199.99 down payments and $26.25 per month for 2 years
– iPad mini with Retina display 32GB at $99.99 and 64GB at $199.99 down payments and $22.08 per month for 2 years