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T-Mobile Moto X given away by FCC approval

There could well be T-Mobile Moto X hitting the US, as pointed out by an FCC approval for a handset supporting the bands that allude to the Magenta carrier’s network. As we all know, the Moto X smartphone is yet to be announced, but still, we know a great deal about it thanks to various leaks. Aimed by the Google-owned manufacturer to apparently be a mid-range device is will most certainly be announced for the first time on August 1 at an event which is slated to take place in New York.

We’ve heard in the past that the handset would apparently be giving carriers like AT&T, Verizon and Sprint a visit this summer, but it’s for the first time that we’re looking about a possible T-Mobile Moto X. The FCC documentation which has brought this likelihood to the fore was spotted by Engadget recently. And as indicated by the website, the handset in question bears the model name, XT1053, while it also features all the bands that the carrier’s phones usually do.

T-Mobile Moto X

These include AWS HSPA+ and LTE with bands 2 and 17. It can also be noted that this even makes the smartphone compatible with AT&T, and hence, the possibility of there being an unlocked version of the Moto X in the market cannot be ruled out. Apart from this bit of information, it has also come to the fore that the Moto X could be seen shipping with support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac which we’ve seen recently on the fresh editions of Apple’s Macbook Air.

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According to past leaks, the Moto X is a smartphone focused on proffering a hefty set of unique features rather than advanced hardware capabilities. Some of the software traits on the recently announced set of Verizon and Motorola’s Droid devices have almost been confirmed to form part of it.