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Synology DiskStation DS412+, DS112 NAS drives now available

DiskStation DS412+

Updating its portfolio of network storage drives, the Synology DiskStation DS412+ and DS112 NAS servers recently started rolling out through the Taiwan-based manufacturer’s stable. With the DS412+ added to the company’s Plus Series lineup, the DS112 is designed to meet the requirements of the office and workgroup environments.

For better performance than its predecessor, the DS412+ is fueled by a dual core processor clocked at 2.13GHz and 1GB of RAM. The drive is capable of delivering higher transfer speed of around 205.68Mbps and 182.66Mbps in read and write, respectively. For better reliability, it houses a built-in redundancy mechanism that’s accompanied by two 92mm system fans and a CPU cooling technology.

Peter Chen, a Synology’s product manager, commented, “Synology has been offering users with high value choices for their data management infrastructure. The DS412+ and DS112 are no exception by inheriting the advanced reliability technology and high performance offered from Synology. Not to mention they are powered by the latest DSM 4.0 and offer SMB users with an optimal price/performance value.”

DiskStation DS112

The DS112 presents itself as an all-in-one NAS drive and comes dressed in a completely new design. Along with a number of improvements and various aesthetics, it flaunts a 60mm rear fan and two ventilation apertures located on the sides. Furthermore, the server is most likely to consume around 5.04 watts when in hibernation mode and approximately 13.2 watts while operating at full capacity. Both storage devices are equipped with the USB 3.0 interface for quick transfer speeds and feature the DiskStation Manager 4.0 OS that’s said to power up each NAS.

The Synology DiskStation DS412+ and DS112 are already available for purchase.