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6 SyncToy Alternatives

Here we are with some SyncToy alternatives which can efficiently carry out the function of synchronizing files from various devices remotely. You should definitely try the ones that we have listed below to find out if they are better than the Microsoft utility or not. And as some of these are open source programs, you won’t have to shell out even a single penny to check them out.

But before we move on to the details of the substitutes of the said software, let’s take a quick look at the latter’s features. Available for free, the Microsoft tool lets you synchronize files and folders saved at different locations. It also comes in handy for sharing digital data between multiple devices, which in turn can prove to be a great way of creating backup folders of important content on other systems. And to figure out if the other utilities are as useful as the one in question, you will have to scroll down and go through the detailed descriptions of the software that have made it to this list.

1 – FreeFileSync:

This is an open source file synchronizing software and is one of the best substitutes for the Microsoft utility. It can be used for linking files or folders and aims towards making users more productive.

Option 1

FreeFileSync can detect moved and renamed files and you can even copy locked documents through the program. It has the binary comparison feature too and extends full support to Symbolic Links. And what’s more, the tool also gives you the option of configuring your settings before you synchronize your data.

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Price: Free

2 – Allway Sync:

This spot on our roster of programs like SyncToy goes to Allway Sync, a software that uses innovative algorithms to synchronize content between multiple gadgets including desktops, laptops, remote FTP or SFTP servers, online data storage services, flash drives and much more. It is perfectly compatible with encrypted archives and the software featuring an intuitive interface lets you replicate content to create backup folders between home and office computer systems.

Option 2

And if that’s not enough, it synchronizes more than 2 directories at the same time and lets you link local drives to a number of external storage solutions. The tool can be installed on computers running Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7 and 8 platforms.

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Price: Free

3 – GoodSync:

According to the developers of this software, it completely eliminates the need to save files on the cloud as it lets you synchronize data between multiple systems and gadgets. Its block level synchronization is said to be responsible for ensuring faster execution of the command. And it goes without saying that you can access files saved on the systems that you have linked with each other.

Option 3

You have the option of synchronizing your devices with cloud storage services like Google Drive, SkyDrive and more and even linking multiple folders at once. And to save up on time, you can sync files in multiple threads, each of which has its own connection with the server. Apart from Windows and Mac, it is also available for mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

Price: Free

4 – Digionica SyncTool:

Taking our catalog of software similar to SyncToy further is Digionica SyncTool which should be utilized if you wish to do away with shared folders. You can synchronize data between multiple locations in a network and for LAN connections, it allows all the members to access data from a convenient dashboard application.

Option 4

Apart from systems on a network, the program permits synchronization between local storage and removable drives and even creates backup files of your important data. And if that’s not enough, you can expect an intuitive graphical user interface and customizable settings with this software, amongst a number of other features.

Price: €42.6

5 – Syncovery:

Here’s Syncovery which will be of use to you if you need a solution for synchronizing data between systems like PCs, Macs, laptops, cloud services, servers and more. And if it’s a backup tool you want, you will not have to look further as it carries out that function too. The multitasking program lets you set up multiple jobs at the same time and there’s a scheduler that completes tasks at specified intervals, so you don’t need to do them manually.

Option 5

All of your jobs in the application have their own profiles, but you don’t need to adjust the settings for each of them. Additionally, it is compatible with various internet protocols and lets you encrypt and decrypt files as well. The tool is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Price: $59.90

6 – PureSync:

And the last application that has found a mention on our roundup of programs like SyncToy is PureSync which is pretty much similar to all of the contenders mentioned above. Apart from the obvious synchronization attributes, this solution here lets you create backup folders and transfer data from one system to another.

Option 6

Its feature list includes photo-sync for digital cameras and the program takes care to not copy pictures that have already been stored in the system. The developers of the software say that it has an intuitive interface and adjustable settings so you can configure it to work the way you want. It is free for personal use and you can check out the trial version of the business edition for a month before purchasing it.

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Price: €18.95


So that was a comprehensive report on SyncToy alternatives that have been chosen to be a part of the roster from amongst a horde of alternatives. In case you decide to check them out, do get back to us with your opinions regarding them once you are done. And if you have similar programs in mind, feel free to drop in a line to let us know about them.