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Symbian OS virus Cardtrap-A Also infects Windows OS

A new Symbian OS virus has been found which also tries to infect Windows OS has been discovered. Cardtrap-A virus infects Series 60 Symbian devices and then spreads via Bluetooth or if it is downloaded and executed on the mobile phone from the web.

Cardtrap-A infects the mobile phone and then copies two Windows worms (Padobot-Z & Rays) to the memory card of the mobile phone in an attempt to get onto other devices.

Cardtrap-A copies Padobot-Z worm with autorun.inf file to make it run automatically if the card is inserted into a Windows based computer. Rays worm attempts to trick users into executing the hostile file by masquerading as the System Folder.

The Internet security firm F-Secure said that the goal of the Trojan is most likely to cause a user to infect his computer when he is trying to disinfect his mobile phone.

An obvious reaction of more advanced user who would encounter a Trojan like Cardtrap, would be to insert the phone memory card in a computer to copy file manager or a disinfection tool to the card. A novice user might get his PC infected in the process, said the company’s spokesperson.