Switzerland tops the list in the most spammed country in the world

Switzwerland Flag, Spam Envelope

If you have been bored deleting all the silly spam mails in your inboxes, then pity the counterparts in Switzerland where spam has set its roots firmly and spread all over. Switzerland happens to be the most spammed country in the world.

If you thought USA was struck by the grudges of the spam world, here’s a recent finding that will surprise all. Switzerland tops the charts as the most spammed country in the world. MessageLabs confirmed that 84.8% of emails in Switzerland were spam. The next on the charts was Hong Kong with 82.6% spam mails. The junk email holds very less or zero value and they tend to clog up the mailbox. Many email service providers provide a spam filter on their mailboxes, however sorting and clearing those mails is again a tedious task.

The other 3 countries that have been highly hit by the spam emails are France receiving 82.1% of spam mail, Israel with 80.1% and Austria with 79.6%. Whereas US email users were hit by spam mails only by 68.8% and UK received 74.3% of spam. The major spam mails was received by users of manufacturing sector with 82.9% of spam mails being hit and the next on the list is education zone who get 80.4% of spam mails.

Spam mails are known to be carriers of deadly viruses and spyware, so with such a high amount of spam mail floating around, it seems to be a scary situation for the world of internet and mailing. Apart from spam filters on email, putting a stop to spam emails seems to be a very tough task.