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Surface Phone spotted in Microsoft source code

Microsoft Surface Phone Concept
Image Credit: Casmir Valeri

The Surface Phone lives to see another day, this time through a bit of source code found on Microsoft’s website. The current belief is that the handset will be of a foldable type and has been codenamed Andromeda.

Connecting the dots is Twitter user Walking Cat who recently discovered a Microsoft Store page which has the number 8828080 right in its URL. The number does have some significance as it’s part of the brand’s phone number (001-425-8828080).

The page itself includes apps and collections for phones. There’s also mention of an “Apps hub for 8828080″ in the source code. One might conclude that the number is Microsoft’s code for Andromeda. It’s a bit of a stretch, but still entirely plausible given the veil of secrecy the company is probably trying to maintain right now.

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Diving a bit deeper into the Andromeda device, there’s been a lot of chatter surrounding it recently thanks to clues in Microsoft’s Whiteboard and Journal apps. References to “left and right page” suggest a device which can flick pages like a notebook thanks to having 2 screens.

Microsoft has also contributed to the discussion by patenting a foldable mobile device just last week. It’s also begun a partnership with Qualcomm to use ARM-based Snapdragon chipsets in laptops. The tech giant is reportedly on the hunt for an engineer who can work on devices running on the Snapdragon 845 SoC, making the hope of a Surface Phone a distinct possibility.

While its own Windows Phone OS was a failure, Microsoft could just find success by stuffing Windows 10 into a foldable mobile form factor. The Surface Phone, if it exists, likely won’t come out anytime soon. Perhaps a Spring or Autumn launch, which is typically when new Surface products get unveiled.