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Sundar Pichai to be Google’s new CEO, company gets reorganized as Alphabet

Google is about to see a huge overhaul in its structure, with two big announcements having been made by current CEO Larry Page today. The first news is that Sundar Pichai is all set to be the new CEO of the company, while the second one is that of the restructuring of the firm’s entire business under one umbrella named Alphabet.

Chennai-born Sundar Pichai’s rise in Google can only be described as phenomenal. After joining the company in 2004, he became instrumental in the launch of Google Drive, and was even responsible for the development of Chrome.

His big break came in 2013, when he took over the massive Android business responsibilities from Andy Rubin. Google CEO Larry Page last year, promoted Pichai to oversee core products like search, Maps, Google+, commerce, ads and more.

Sundar Pichai

And now, after the restructuring, he will become the CEO of Google which in itself will be a part of Alphabet. The new entity is nothing but a collection of companies, with each of them having their own CEOs. The largest among these is of course Google, and it will be headed by Sundar Pichai. This will put the reigns of crucial divisions like search, ads, maps, apps, YouTube and Android into his hands.

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As a whole, Alphabet will also have its own CEO in the form of Larry Page and its President in the form of Sergey Brin. It will be a public holding company, and hence all shares of Google will automatically get converted into the same number of shares of the newly-created firm.

This transition will happen in Q4 this year, after which all Google financials will be conducted separately from the companies under Alphabet.