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Sundar Pichai earns enough to be the highest paid Indian executive in the world


Sundar Pichai, the main face of Google at the moment, officially raked in a mind-blowing $100.5 million in 2015. That’s the equivalent of around Rs 667 crores if you do the math, and this makes him the highest paid Indian executive in the world.

The 43-year old of course happens to be the CEO of Google Inc., a branch of the newly formed Alphabet Inc. The latest filings from the latter have revealed that Sundar Pichai was paid a salary of $652500 last year. Moreover, he was also awarded restricted stock worth $99.8 million (which will vest fully in 2017). To add to that, there were ‘other’ compensations to the tune of $22935.

If the earnings of Pichai are compared with those of other Indian executives, there’s quite a big gap between them. Microsoft’s head honcho Satya Nadella comes in at second place with his annual package of $84.3 million (around Rs 559.5 crores).

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It is known that Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi earns about $19.08 million (Rs 126.5 crores). On the other hand, Mukesh Ambani’s gross annual salary stands at a rather modest $2.2 million (Rs 15 crores).

Sundar Pichai joined Google back in 2004, and was quick to start leading the product management and innovation efforts in Google Chrome, Chrome OS and more importantly Google Drive. His success in managing these portfolios, led to the charge of Android too having been granted to him in 2013. And it was in October last year that he became CEO of Google after Larry Page stepped down from the position.

Sundar Pichai no doubt stands among the most important people in technology right now. It remains to be seen now as to how more influential he turns out to be in Google.