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6 Subsonic Alternatives

A roster of Subsonic alternatives has been put together to let you know about some of the other music streaming services that are just as good as the former. The one in question has dedicated mobile applications for all the major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry amongst others. It streams lossless music to all of your devices and transcodes formats on-the-fly to make them accessible to you. The service even supports podcasts.

And for all those of you who do not mind trying something new that’s as good as this program, we have shortlisted some similar ones. Most of them have mobile applications that make it even easier for you to access your music library on the run. Take a look at the brief summaries of each of the substitutes for more information. So go right ahead and choose a tool.

1 – Ampache:

Ampache is an audio and video streaming application and it even doubles up as a file manager that allows users to access their media library from almost any internet-enabled gadget. It is like a back-end that supplies music to a player of your choice over the internet. Via the web interface, you can also use this service to remotely control third party programs.


Although you cannot use it for converting file formats, it can still carry out on-the-fly transcoding to make a track compatible with the player you are using like converting FLAC to MP3 for playing it on handheld gadgets. Ampache clients can also be found in iTunes and Google Play that further simplifies the streaming process.

2 – Plex Media Center:

Plex comes across as one of the best programs like Subsonic and allows you to stream your music to mobile devices from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is install the Plex Media Server on your desktop regardless of whether it is running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux platform and get the dedicated Android, iOS, Windows Phone or other relevant mobile applications for your handheld gadgets, and you’ll be good to go.


Apart from accessing music from the media library on your desktop, you can even stream TV shows, videos, movies and much more. Sharing your content with friends while on the run is no big deal either. You can even go through the list of software like Plex for similar programs.

3 – Qloud Media:

Qloud Media is another option that makes sure you never have to go anywhere without your very own music collection. You are initially required to install the server software on your Windows or Mac desktop and download the mobile application on your devices running Android, Windows Phone or iOS platforms. And with a 3G or a Wi-Fi connection, you can access all of the media files without carrying out any type of encoding or synchronizing procedures.

Qloud Media

It transcodes files on the fly for playing it on your mobile devices and its compatibilities are not limited to music. The service brings your pictures, videos, movies, and other digital content remotely to your fingertips as well.

4 – Google Play Music:

Google Play Music has been added to the catalog of apps similar to Subsonic because of its ability to provide access to over 20,000 songs from your own music library on to your phone. To do so, it saves your tracks online and you have the option of storing them on to your device for offline access in case you do not have an active 3G or Wi-Fi connection at all times.

Google Play Music

Apart from this, the application tags along with some more features such as internet radio that can be used to listen to millions of songs. And by punching in the name of your favorite artists, albums or tracks, you can create a personalized station that streams music of your choice. Its clients are available on mobile operating systems other than Android, and an All Access app for iOS seems to be in the works as well.

5 – ZumoCast:

ZumoCast actually turns your home desktop computer into your personal cloud and lets you access music directly from it without the need to encode or synchronize devices. And not only that, you can even use the application for listening to audio files from your iTunes library. Along with music, the program works perfectly fine with video files in formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, DivX and more.


It goes without saying that you’ll need an active 3G or a Wi-Fi connection and Motorola’s application boasts of real-time adaptive transcoding too. The service’s Android application is available through the Google Play store.

6 – Air Playit:

Another program like Subsonic that lets you have instant access to music and videos saved on your desktop from anywhere you want, as long as you have an internet connection. By downloading the application server on your desktop and the mobile application for your iOS and Android gadgets, you can have all your music and videos at your fingertips.

Air Playit

It extends support to around 320 audio and video file formats and doesn’t need to convert them in order to make them compatible with your handheld gadgets. Like some of the services mentioned above, it too lets you share your media files with friends. Air Playit works over a local network as well and can be used on iOS devices running iOS 4.0.1 or later.


So there you have it – some of the most efficient Subsonic alternatives. With these installed in your mobile devices, you will always have access to your favorite playlists saved on the desktop. Are you willing to switch to one of these? Or there’s another software that you think is on par with the options that we have mentioned? Do tell us about it.