Stylish and Compact Home Theatre System 3105 launched by Philips Electronics India

Philips HTS3105 Philips Electronics India has unveiled HTS 3105, the chic and compact fully digital home theatre system that possesses multi-format playability alongwith other noteworthy features. It also is embedded with color coded Easy Fit connectors that largely simplify the set-up process.

While DivX Ultra blends DivX playback with features such as incorporated subtitles, multiple audio languages, multiple tracks, and menus; the Karaoke feature, according to Philips, offers endless digital entertainment. Twelve-bit video DAC (Digital-to-Analog Conversion) preserves authentic picture quality, whereas the wide-spectrum speaker captures and reproduces superior quality sound.

HTS 3105 comes with color-coded connectors that can be plugged-into the matching colored interface at the rear end of the center unit, thereby offering a simple and user-friendly solution to connect speakers and subwoofer to the unit.

HTS 3105 is shipping for around Rs 14,990 at select consumer electronics outlets and mobile phone counters, as well as the Philips ‘Arena’ network of shops across India.