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StumbleUpon introduces SearchReviews expanding Social Search across the Web

StumbleUpon logo StumbleUpon, a Web site that allows it users to discover and share other Web sites and videos has expanded its offering with the release of yet another service called SearchReviews.

According to the company, SearchReviews enhances the way Internet users discover interesting content wherever they search. The new service does so by utilizing the power of StumbleUpon’s unique recommendation and personalization engine and active social community to traditional search results.

StumbleUpon users will be able to enhance and personalize their search experience to see which search results their friends recommend. They can do so by layering peer-endorsement, site ratings and reviews next to search results.

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Moreover, users will also be able to see star ratings next to sites along with icons indication which of their friends have given the sites a “thumbs up” rating.

The new SearchReview service will be available to all StumbleUpon users even if they use different applications across the Internet such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL and Ask. Users can also find SearchReviews on GoogleNews, Yahoo! News, Wikipedia and YouTube.

Using StumbleUpon is also quite a breeze, as just with a press of the “Stumble” button in the browser, registered users are able to quickly and easily find sites that are relevant to them.

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According to Michael Buhr, general manager, StumbleUpon, “SearchReviews is a continued effort to bring the power of discovery to a broader consumer audience. We want to provide the best, most engaging discovery experience possible—whether through the power of our simple “Stumble” button or by enabling discovery across the Web, with the search engines our users are already familiar with.”

StumbleUpon’s newest offering “SearchReviews” will be available to users on both FireFox and Internet Explorer browsers from today onwards.

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