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Study finds Android users more humble, honest than iPhone owners

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A new study has confirmed long-held stereotypes about Android and iPhone users when it comes to their personality. According to researchers at the UK-based University of Lincoln, the former group displays a greater degree of honesty and humility than the latter.

The team set about trying to discern personality differences between Android and iPhone owners by conducting two studies. The first asked 240 people to fill up a survey concerned with the characteristics they correlate with members of each brand. The second compared these perceptions against the real-life character traits of 520 consumers from both camps.

The initial round of testing threw up some interesting stereotypes. According to the results, Android patrons are seen to have higher levels of honesty, humility, agreeableness and openness traits. Moreover, they were perceived to be less extroverted than constituents of the iPhone clan.

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However, most of these appearances didn’t hold up in the second phase of evaluation. A majority of the labels did not occur in reality, with the notable exception of Android users possessing greater degrees of honesty and humility. Intriguingly, the research also claims that women are twice more likely to own an iPhone than an Android handset.

Other notable findings from the study include the tendency for iPhone consumers to place more importance on having a high status phone than Android owners. It also found that the latter avoid similarity on a higher scale than the former, meaning they’re less likely to enjoy having the same product as others.