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Student buys gold iPhone 5S for Rs 68 from Snapdeal

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The e-commerce sector is currently booming in India, but there have been many cases of frauds taking place. A student in Punjab found himself in such a position in February last year when he had ordered a gold Apple iPhone 5S for Rs 68 via Snapdeal but never got the phone.

Nikhil Bansal, a BTech student at Punjabi University, decided to fight back when his emails to Snapdeal went unanswered. He then filed a complaint with the Sangur district consumer forum. The authority ruled in his favor in March 2015 and ordered the site to deliver the 16GB Apple iPhone 5S at Rs 68. It further asked the brand to pay an additional Rs 2000 as compensation and litigation costs to Bansal.

Snapdeal chose not to comply with this order, opting to file an appeal against it instead. As per the Hindustan Times, the State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission has now dismissed the portal’s claims of a technical hitch. According to the court’s order which was issued on February 12, the company now has to cough up Rs 10000 as a fine to the consumer welfare fund.

Snapdeal has been at center of several controversial run-ins with consumers in the past. It had suffered a huge hit to its reliability when reports of pieces of wood getting delivered in place of an iPhone 4S came out in December 2014. There was also the case of a customer being handed over a Vim bar instead of a Samsung Galaxy Core Duos.

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The court’s decision is a step in the right direction as it might prevent e-commerce sites like Snapdeal from getting away with cheating customers. There’s no word on whether the iPhone 5S has finally been delivered to Bansal yet.