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Strings messaging app attaches strings to your messages so you can pull them back

Strings is the name of a new messaging app which prides itself on the fact that it allows you to pull back and delete your sent messages if you wish to. We’ve all been in embarrassing situations wherein texts or worst yet, images meant for someone have accidentally reached someone else.

And also in situations wherein we’ve woken up with hangovers to discover that we’ve sent something regretful to our significant others or our exes. It’s in situations like these that Strings can prove to be the most useful. Available only on iOS at the moment, it is meant to give you complete control over your conversations.


There’s of course the catch that in order to experience its features your friends too will need to install the Strings messaging app, so you have some convincing to do before you’re all set. You can then start conversations with individuals or even groups with live control over who gets to see what.

You can easily add or remove people anytime, while no one can download or share your content without your approval. As for the question of screenshots, if anyone clicks one, you’ll be notified about that by Strings and their account will be suspended.

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It has also been revealed that if you remove yourself from any Strings conversation you can take everything you wrote in it with you. Lastly, if you delete any photo, video or chat which you’ve created if will be deleted from every participant’s device.

You can try out Strings on your iOS devices now free of cost, so head over to the Apple App Store and download it.