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Straight Talk latches on to AT&T’s LTE network for prepaid services

One of the lesser known carrier’s in the US, called Straight Talk has struck a deal with AT&T which has allowed it to offer the blue carrier’s 4G LTE network on its own prepaid plans. This move spells good news for those looking for affordable prepaid plans, as LTE was pretty much out of the reach for such customers. All you need to do in order to take advantage of the new scheme is buy an AT&T SIM card via Straight Talk, and insert it into any device which provides support for the carrier’s LTE service.

As pointed out by Droid Life, the SIM card has its cost set at $6.99 and once activated, it will allow you to access unlimited data, talktime and text messages for $45 per month. Add $15 on top of that amount and you can even gain international calling turned on. And as most phones doled out by AT&T come equipped with two-year agreements, you will either be required to complete the contract or pay an early termination fee in order to be able to switch to Straight Talk, and rid yourselves of the high costs and long-term contracts that are associated with such carriers.

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Recently, AT&T also allowed its own prepaid brand called Aio Wireless to offer the benefits of its LTE coverage. It seems like just a matter of time now, before other big players in the US follow suit. As of now, any Straight Talk customer can purchase an AT&T SIM card at $6.99 and start taking advantage of the carrier’s LTE network on prepaid plans.