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Stickers enter BBM via new update, support for sending larger files included as well

All three versions of BBM have been updated by BlackBerry with support for stickers as well as other new additions. The fresh versions of the app can be downloaded now through their respective storefronts.

BlackBerry has revealed that these stickers will be made available through a new BBM Shop. Once a particular sticker pack is downloaded by users, they will be able to enter them in their chats to spruce up their conversations at bit. These packs will either be free to download or cost $1.99. In celebration of the upcoming WrestleMania 30 main event, WWE is giving away a free sticker pack of its own right now.


The new BBM update has also been laced with the ability to send larger files to your contacts. This means videos, photos or other attachments of up to 16MB in size can be sent through the BB 10, Android and iOS versions of BBM. Another fresh addition is the ability to send pictures in multi-person chats.

Like we said, the new BBM update is now available for download for BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS devices.

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