Stereogranimator tool allows users to create 3D GIF images from 100-year old photos

Stereogranimator Tool

Launched as a part of the New York Public Library website, the Stereogranimator tool is apparently capable of transforming historical stereographs into a shareable 3D-based web format. The content utilized in the creation of these three dimensional photos are said to be derived from the library’s digital gallery that houses a wide collection of over 700,000 images dating back to around a 100 years.

A report by Popular Science points out that through the aforementioned web app, users can create customized GIF versions of stereographs which are hosted by the library or view the ones already stored on the website’s gallery. The entire process appears to be convenient as well. Comprising of 3 simple steps, the first one includes image selection. In step 2, the stereograph can be adjusted in certain ways to create a personalized animation. Once these are done, the final step provides a direct link to view or share the image with others.

Stereograph Image Sample

Joshua Heineman, the brains behind this project idea, expressed, “One evening in my final year of college, I was downloading digital snapshots to my laptop when I got a fleeting sense of 3D as the preview screen flicked quickly between two similar shots. I located the individual photos & flipped back & forth between them continually.” He further added, “When I realized how the effect was working, I set about discovering if I could capture the same illusion by layering both sides of an old stereograph in Photoshop & displaying the result as an animated gif. The effect was more jarring than through a stereoscope but no less magic.”

In addition to GIF images, 3D anaglyphs can also be created through the Stereogranimator tool. For those who aren’t aware, stereographs are basically two images that are shot from different angles. Their main purpose is to create 3D visuals by displaying each picture separately to the left and right eye through the help of a viewer.

The Stereogranimator tool can be accessed through the website.