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SteelSeries Flux on-ear headset doesn’t like sitting at home

SteelSeries Flux

Besides smartphones and tablets, the CES 2012 is also a platform for showcasing various other gadgets such as the SteelSeries Flux headset. Instead of focusing its primary attention towards gaming itself, the company seems to have built this peripheral with portability and high flexibility in mind.

This multi-purpose headset is said to be an ideal companion for users on the go with its highly portable form factor and 40mm driver-unit combination. To compliment just that, the SteelSeries Flux flaunts foldable earcups that can be conveniently bent into a compact shape. And when the need for music arises, the peripheral can be expanded for an around-the-neck look.

“We work with professional gamers that travel often to tournaments and events, but we also cater to users that want headset compatibility for more than just gaming, which is where the design of the Flux began. This headset is meant to be more about the user, versus just another audio option – we brought together color and plate design options with the versatility of being able to plug in and use the audio and microphone with any device. If you play games on your PC, you most likely also listen to music and make calls, and you want a headset that will allow you adapt,” stated, Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO.

SteelSeries Flux 1

Featuring 2 input jacks that are located on both sides, users can plug the microphone in to any desired port or utilize the second one for connecting another headset. Through this, audio can be shared by creating a chain of listeners who also own the Flux. This peripheral can be coupled with a number of devices including Mac and Windows systems along with a host of other portable gadgets.

The SteelSeries Flux headset price details are expected to surface as the release date closes in. The peripheral will be available in Q2 of 2012 along with a number of accessories such as outer plates with different designs and colors as well as a wide option of cushion shades.