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Steam gets support for Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controller

Switch Pro Controller

If you prefer playing Steam games using controllers, you have one more option to consider now in the form of the Pro Controller that’s sold for the Nintendo Switch. Support for the device has been added by Valve via the service’s latest beta update that can be downloaded by those who have enrolled in the program.

The Pro Controller for Nintendo’s Switch console grabs a standard layout, yet its controls can be remapped using the Steam client. This can be done on-the-fly as well, by pressing the Home button on the controller.

To get the Switch controller up and running, you will need to download and install the Steam beta client, and activate it using the controller settings page. The process is pretty simple and easy to follow for those who have used wireless controllers on Steam before.

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Launched in March last year, the Nintendo Switch is highlighted by its hybrid nature, It comes with its own display, yet can be connected to the TV for a larger experience. Another unique aspect that distinguishes the Switch from the competition is the way its main controllers, called JyoCons, have been designed.

The Switch Pro Controller for the console is sold separately for those who prefer traditional hardware. Apart from the usual functions, it also comes equipped with NFC in order to work with Nintendo’s Amiibo line of products. In the US, this controller is sold at $70, while in India, it can be purchased in exchange of Rs 6730 right now.

If you are not part of Steam’s beta program yet, you can do so by following the instructions on this page.