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State-of-the-art iPod Docking Speaker product line debuted by Creative

Creative X-Fi Sound System i600, PlayDock i500 and TravelSoundi docking speakers

Worldwide leader in digital entertainment products, Creative has just launched three new state-of-the-art docking speakers for iPod players- Creative X-Fi Sound System i600, Creative PlayDock i500 and Creative TravelSoundi docking speakers.

The Creative X-Fi Sound System i600 is a high-power 2.1 speaker system that has been designed to seamlessly integrate and dock with iPod players. Incidentally, this happens to be the first speaker system for iPod players that incorporates Creative award-winning X-Fi technology..

The Creative X-Fi Sound System i600 features X-Fi Crystalizer that intelligentally helps restore the detail and vibrancy lost during compression of downloaded music and movies. Besides, this docking system also incorporates X-Fi CMSS-3D technology which provides surround sound over both headphones as well as on speakers.

The Creative X-Fi Sound System i600 is bundled with satellite speakers that feature high-performance drivers for efficient reproduction of mid and high frequencies. It also features a compact subwoofer that has a dual flared port tube and a long throw 8” driver that greatly reduces any distortions, producing a clean bass. This system also comes with a multi-function wireless remote control.

The second docking speaker set introduced by Creative is the hi-fi PlayDock i500 which has been designed to play, dock and charge iPod players. This docking system has two full-range drivers and a high-power subwoofer.

The Creative PlayDock i500 docking speaker has a high-gloss finish and a contoured design. This player incorporates the Creative Wide Stereo Effect, and it also has a built-in sub-woofer that offers users superior bass.

The digital amplifier allows Creative PlayDock i500 speakers to channel its power more efficiently, ensuring a longer battery life. Being dual-powered, users can choose from eight C-size batteries, which allow 16 hours of continuous music playback on the go, or use the bundled universal power adapter. An ergonomically-designed built-in handle makes it easy for users to transport the speakers around.

A fully functional wireless IR Remote gives users easy control of the Creative PlayDock i500 and iPod. Using the audio/video out connection, users can port the Creative PlayDock i500 to TVs to view movies and photos stored in the iPod on the big screen.

Lastly, the Creative TravelSound i is a compact docking station for iPods that features USB connectivity for users to transfer music, photos and data files. This system emits exceptional sound quality using four premium full-range NeoTitanium microdrivers. The Creative Wide Stereo Effect feature enables this portable music speaker system to produce an expansive sound field. These compact speakers also have built-in port tubes that enhance the audio by providing a lower bass.

Audio and video files stored in iPod players can be viewed on TVs when connected to the Creative TravelSound i. A wireless IR remote is also included to control both the speakers and iPod. The Creative TravelSound i can be powered with either four AA batteries, which allow up to 25 hours of extended music playback, or with the bundled universal power adapter.

The Creative X-Fi Sound System i600 is available for a price of $599, while the Creative PlayDock i500 costs $299. The Creative TravelSound i is available for a price of $199.