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6 Stardock Fences Alternatives

All the Stardock Fences alternatives which we’ve listed in the space below should help you get our desktops organized in the most natural way possible. Managing clutter on your PCs is always a tedious task we’re always looking to avoid, which is why such utilities are sought after to add some delight into our lives. If you’ve never felt it, there’s a fantastic joy in suddenly finding your desktops all organized after they’ve been lying disorderly for months, filled with things you don’t feel like looking into.

Stardock Fences

The utilities we’ve mentioned below will help you take control of the situation without wasting much time, as they are specifically meant to clean up your desktops without actually deleting your files, folders, icons or whatever. Stardock Fences is one such software that pushes your icons into ‘fences’ that can be configured to do the same automatically in the future whenever there are new icons to take care of. Moreover, it’s ultra-customizable regarding looks as well as functionality. But for those who don’t quite like its offerings or are just looking to explore other options, there are these tools which we’d like them to have a look at. So without wasting any more time on introductions, let’s get going with the list.

1 – Nimi Places

Nimi Places

Nimi Places is based on containers that can be customized according to your needs. These containers can then showcase folders and contents as icons or thumbnails on scrollable surfaces. You can organize your items in such a way that they are displayed either as an icon grid or a multi-column list. Moreover, Mac-style labels can also be slapped on them to save the time needed to read individual names. The containers from this application can be configured to show up after specific intervals, which we think is a pretty cool feature to have in such a utility. It’s a free download and works only on Windows.

2 – ToolBox


The second entry to this compilation is an application launcher that too is aimed at cleaning up your desktops in a neat manner. You won’t believe it; ToolBox is more than fourteen years old, as its first version was a 16-bit Windows 3.1 application that used Borland Pascal. Of course, since then, a bevy of changes have been introduced to it, making it a stalwart in its league. It provides you with multiple applications launching windows, shortcuts to files, URLs, folders and drives, visual customizations and a lot more. It comes to great use to those who continuously use removable storage or media devices on their machines. Lastly, this tool does not require installation as it can run directly from any directory you choose to unzip its files into.

3 – Real Desktop

Real Desktop

Now, this is one tool you’ll be intrigued by. The makers of Real Desktop have focused on style as well, apart from a substance which is why they’ve been able to deliver such an exciting product to us. It takes the word desktop a little too seriously and grants you an actual desktop to stick your icons on. And to emphasize this point further, the application beautifully arranges them in a 3D layout. You can delve deeper into its controls to create 3D rooms for any of your topics. While a free trial is indeed available, you’ll need to purchase the software for a substantial value to be able to experience its full range of features.

4 – DesktopShelves


If its name hasn’t given away its ability as yet, this Stardock Fences alternative helps you organize files on shelves that appear on the desktop. It’s not a free offering, however, but it’s something Mac users can enjoy since it’s only available for Apple’s OS. It lets you create shelves out of your folders so that you don’t have to open them to browse their content. This means you’ll be getting previews of files inside your folders right on your folders, apart from of course the ability to open them. These shelves can be of many shapes and sizes, and you can even change their colors to match your preferences. A 14-day demo of it is available on its official site if you wish to test it before buying.

5 – Vipad


One more awesome solution for your desktop clutter problems is this neat application which grabs a page-based layout. Once installed, all you need to do is move your cursor over any item to drag it and arrange it according to your liking. Thus, a page is created for your convenience, and when it gets full, another page automatically pops out to accommodate the new items. This software in our catalog of programs similar to Stardock Fences is a Windows app and hence features touchscreen support, apart from other cool traits like a search function, adjustable icon sizes, personalized tabs and more.

6 – Desktop Groups

Desktop Groups

Another Mac utility in this compilation is Desktop Groups which is aimed at forming clusters of related files to clean up your desktops. You are free to move those groups around as well as add or remove files using the drag & drop method. It’s a simple yet excellent tool for Mac users which can be downloaded as a 7-day demo if you wish to try it out before making a purchase.


Those are all the Stardock Fences alternatives which we’d want you to take a look at if you’re searching for such software. Hope you find them useful.