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Stardew Valley Strange Capsule | Guide To Unlock Easter Egg

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley is one of the most popular indie games out there because it comes with loads of engaging content for gamers to explore. Part of this is open and no big secret, while some of the other elements have been kept under wraps so that the gamer can feel the thrill of discovering these by themselves.

One of the most-talked-about secrets in the game is the Stardew Valley Strange Capsule. This was one of the rarest events in Stardew Valley before it was updated to version 1.5.

How can we get the Stardew Valley Strange Capsule Event?

As mentioned above, this was once a rare event in the game. But now it has become a bit more common since version 1.5 was rolled out.

It is an event that the players can hope will randomly occur on their farm after they have completed farming for a year. But there are some favorable conditions you can create in order to up the probability of this happening.

You have to clear out as many spaces as possible on your land so there are much higher chances of the other-worldly ‘container’ getting beamed down somewhere on your sprawling acres.

Stardew Vallet Strange Capsule When this rare event takes place on your land, you can leave the capsule as it is or alternatively, you can move it with a pick-axe. If you do the latter, the capsule starts pulsating and you will notice that an alien looking creature appears within. If you then try to pick up the capsule, you may get a quick view of a description similar to the following.

“There’s something fleshy bobbing around in the fluid…”

In order to have the attached Easter Egg triggered, the capsule needs to be left on the farm for three days or more (one in-game day being less than 15 minutes in real-time) after which it will automatically convert into an Empty Capsule. Anything can be done with the capsule after the mysterious creature escapes from within.

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The occurrence of such a transition will help trigger the next event. If the Empty Capsule is moved, you will see a description flash on the screen saying “Part of the glass is shattered…”

What is the importance of this event in the game?

The Stardew Valley Strange Capsule event used to be quite rare with a very low probability of it happening. With the increase in the spawn rate, this event can be observed much more frequently. The capsule is capable of appearing only if random tiles in the farm are cleared. This is why folks who want it to manifest must clean out as many spaces as possible.

After the Empty Capsule transition takes place, we will find whatever alien creature was inside it roaming all around the island. There are a few chances that the creature might appear somewhere in the town at night or at the bus stop; but there is no way of being sure of this.

Stardew Valley RPG Game If you do come across this event in the course of your game, you must save file to keep it recorded in the game progress.

Guide – How And When to get the Strange Capsule?

To get this capsule, you require an open tile on your field. It usually appears only after a player has gone to bed. The sound of a spaceship indicates that the capsule has spawned.

In case the player gets the capsule, they may notice a strange creature inside it. If the container is left untouched, the alien will escape and the collectible item will turn into an Empty Capsule. We have already described this in detail above.

More about the Secret Alien

When the Strange Capsule lands on the farm, the alien can occasionally be seen through the murky liquid within it. The container can be moved, left alone, or picked up using a pick-axe.

The event will become special only if the object is left undisturbed for three or more in-game days, however. Stardew Valley Empty Capsule Once the creature leaves it, the capsule then turns into an Empty Capsule. At this point, you may want to look for the secret alien. This creature may appear in several places. If you wish to catch a glimpse of it, you might want to try a few of these tricks.

  • It will never appear during the daytime; there is no point in searching for it during this period.
  • It allegedly shows up more frequently at the bus stop as compared to other places in the town.
  • Keep an eye on the upper left-hand corner. ‘Legend’ has it that the creature is more likely to catch your eye there than anywhere else on screen.
  • The appearance and vanishing of the alien is an event that happens in a flash and you need to be attentive to spot it.

As mentioned before, the newer version launched by developer, ConcernedApe, has upped the probability of gamers encountering this special event. Another fun addition to the launch is Ginger Island, the only island you can visit in the Fern Islands archipelago. It’s totally worth the boat trip, trust us.


Q. What do I do with the Strange Capsule in Stardew?

Once the alien gets out of the Strange Capsule, it becomes an Empty Capsule – a collectible item. This happens only if the object is left untouched for three or more in-game days. You will get a warning message if you try to interact with it within this period.

Q. How rare is the Strange Capsule in Stardew?

In earlier versions, the occurrence of this major event had a possibility of around 1%. The probability percentage has increased with the new update to version 1.5. You need an open tile to have a chance of this occurring.

Q. What are the strange noises in Stardew Valley?

Strange noises in Stardew Valley occur mainly at night or due to thunderstorms. Some of the common causes of these noises are the moaning of a ghost or some other dark creature, and the singing of whales.

Q. What does a strange sound heard in the night in Stardew mean?

A strange sound in the game (with reference to the alien episode) means that the capsule has been opened and the broken Empty Capsule no longer has the creature inside it.