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6 SquirrelMail Alternatives

So you are looking out for SquirrelMail alternatives and are confused between all the options available on the internet? Fret not, we have formulated a list of all the substitutes that we think are worth a try. The client in question is a standards-based package which is written in PHP and extends support to protocols like IMAP and SMTP. Apart from configurable settings, it features MIME support, folder manipulation and address books amongst others that are said to be present in most of contenders that we have added to our roster.

All of the clients mentioned below are said to be appropriate for corporate houses. They promise to offer secure connections and take care of your privacy needs. Most of them are easy to install and do not bug you with annoying advertisements. Other applications like task managers, calendars, notes, instant messaging and more have also been thrown into the mix in most of the substitutes listed here. Do take a look for more details.

1 – Zoho Mail:

Zoho Mail is an open source webmail client that allows you to have 20 inboxes free of charge without advertisements and will prove to be even more helpful if you are already a Zoho Office suite user. One of its main advantages is its ability to keep you connected from practically anywhere. It offers push mail and 2-way sync and the mobile portals of the service have been optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Zoho Mail

Zoho promises to never scan your emails for keywords and offers multiple domains. You can even enable mail hosting for an already owned domain in this program. It lets you create multiple aliases and control every aspect of the service through its extensive control panel.

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2 – Roundcube:

Next up on our roster of programs like SquirrelMail is Roundcube, an open source webmail solution that claims to bring a desktop-like user interface to the table. Its developers claim that the program is easy to install and configure and runs on a standard LAMPP server. The webmail client is available in as many as 70 different languages and lets you manage your messages by simply dragging and dropping them.


It supports MIME and HTML messages and lets you compose emails with attachments as well. You can have multiple sender identities and seamless address book integration along with a horde of privacy options, spell check, import/export functions and many more. Launching a search for not only contacts, but also emails is possible. And what’s more, you get threaded message listings too.

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3 – Horde:

Horde Groupware Webmail Edition is a browser-based communication suite that has been loaded with features that business users seek. In addition to reading, sending and organizing email messages, the client allows you to share calendars, contacts, notes, bookmarks, files, notes and much more. It has 3-pane and 3-column layouts and drags along functions like message filtering, message searching, spell checking and many more.


There’s an option to compose HTML messages and a WYSIWYG editor has been tossed into the mix along with an attachment viewer. The service allows you to encrypt and sign your emails, navigate through them using your keyboard, add graphical emoticons and view message threads.

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4 – Atmail Webmail:

This spot on our compilation of applications similar to SquirrelMail has been assigned to Atmail Webmail which is said to be an intuitive service complete with fast and responsive features. It’s an IMAP client and provides some really easy re-branding attributes. The client has a multilingual interface and you can customize the look and feel using existing themes or adding your own skins.

Atmail Webmail

A built-in search engine should help you look for specific messages in all of your folders and it permits you to create contacts and manage them or even share details with colleagues. Some synchronization features are also at your disposal to get push mails on phones and sync contacts across all devices. Its other advantages include calendar support and storage for saving your digital content safely on the cloud.

5 – Hastymail2:

Written in PHP, Hastymail2 is a complete IMAP and SMTP client that is said to be fast and secured. In spite of being lighter than most services, its developers say that the program doesn’t compromise on important features. It claims to be compatible with a huge set of gadgets such as PDAs, phones, desktops amongst others and works with all mainstream and text browsers.


You can store your settings, contacts, content and more in the database and it boasts of a powerful plugin system that includes a calendar, sound notifications, HTML mail composition and autocomplete to name a few.

6 – Open Webmail:

And the final option in our roundup of programs like SquirrelMail is Open Webmail which is based on Neomail and specializes in dealing with big mail folder files. You won’t have issues even if you are making the jump from Microsoft Outlook, thanks to its array of enhanced features. The webmail client understands various languages and extends support to MIME messages.

Open Webmail

You will find attributes like full content search, draft folder, spell check, a mail filter, a vCard-compliant address book and a lot of other things. There’s a calendar with functions such as notification and reminder and it boasts of HTTP compression as well. Moreover, it keeps spam messages at bay using SpamAssassin and doesn’t let viruses infect your system with a little assistance from ClamAV.


Here we bring our list of some of the best SquirrelMail alternatives to an end. It goes without saying that there are a slew of other similar clients who are equally good and can handle your mails pretty efficiently. So if you come across a service other than these or are already using one, feel free to drop in the name and tell us about it. Do try these out as well and come back to share your experiences with us. In case you swear by Gmail, here we have some clients that you may like.


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