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Spyzie is a spying app which lets you monitor your kids’ phones


We are living at a time when kids are starting to own smartphones very early on in their lives. And there’s no use in trying to convince them not to, what with peer pressure and all. Spyzie is a program that has been designed to keep a complete tab on what your kids are using their smartphones for.

Not too long ago, a study found out that the average age of a child getting their first smartphone is 10.3 years. This is frightening as much as it is startling. Once a kid starts using a phone, a whole new world opens up for them. As much access as they might get to learning content, games and other harmless stuff, they become equally vulnerable to online scams, devious people and all kinds of dangerous stuff.

For a parent, Spyzie acts as a one-stop shop for monitoring almost every aspect of their child’s online presence. To get started, you need understand that two apps are needed for it to work – one gets installed on the target device, whereas the other on the phone of the person who is tracking the target.

Spyzie Features

You will need to first create an account by visiting the official website. Once that’s done, you can install the Spyzie app on the target device and grant it all the permissions it asks for. The monitoring will begin once you install the Control Panel app on your own phone, or alternatively, you can even track the target from the official website.

In terms of what you can monitor, there is just too much on offer here. Location tracking allows you to know about your child’s whereabouts at any given time. You can moreover, also view all their messages, call logs, photos and videos using the Control Panel.

In case you are worried about the browsing habits of your kids, their entire browser history will be at your disposal using Spyzie. But most of the interactions of kids these days happen on social media apps. Spyzie has a solution for that as well. Using the Control Panel, you can get a broad look at every social media app your kid is using. This includes everything from WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat to even Instagram.

Spyzie Location Tracking

And all this is extremely simple to understand thanks to the easy interface that the developers have come up with. Upon opening the Control Panel app, you are greeted with a dashboard consisting of notification counts on all the important aspects you wish to know about. And then there’s the slide-out menu, designed to offer shortcuts to whatever it is you wish to view from the target device.

A unique tool which Spyzie offers is Capture Screenshot. If the target phone is in use at any given time, tapping the Capture Screenshot button will give you a glimpse of whatever is happening on that device. Keylogger is one more such distinctive trait of the program, as it lets you easily get the passcodes or unlock patterns of the target phone.

Both of Spyzie’s apps are available on Android and iOS, with the dashboard program existing on the web as well. And there is no need to root or jailbreak your devices in order to get the apps working. The free version is a bit restricted as it just offers support for viewing call logs, contacts and calendar activities.

Spyzie Screenshot Feature

Everything else is accessible through the paid versions. On Android, two tiers exist, namely the Premium Edition which costs $29.99 a month and the slightly expanded Ultimate Edition which comes at $39.99 a month. iOS users just get the Ultimate Edition at the same price. A number of introductory and volume pricing offers are also available.

Spyzie is a truly comprehensive tool for monitoring other devices. It covers everything that you’d want to track from a target device. Do give it a try if you’re interested in using it. You can check it out here https://www.spyzie.com/mobile-tracker/tracking-phone-location-free.html.