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6 Springpad Alternatives

Springpad Alternatives

A worthy Springpad alternative lets you save your thoughts on the virtual platform. Anything from a brilliant idea that just popped into your head to an errand list for the day can be seamlessly stored across the program’s confines. And the information you pen down here is neatly segregated into sections so that it doesn’t become one big wordy cluttered mess. An apt substitute is great for remembering stuff, creating elaborate to-do lists and planning an event, among other things. Now, you can get your hands on one such treat by checking out our acme options.

1 – Evernote:


When it comes to note-taking and jotting down of random ideas, this interesting solution is ever ready to oblige no matter where you might be. Entering with the tagline ‘remember everything,’ it lets you save all your precious thoughts not only via the PC but also other platforms like tablets and smartphones. In turn, you can view all your previously saved images and files anywhere, anytime.

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Your online space can even comprise of audio bits as well as snapshots you take with your digital camera or portable device. The note-taking and archiving software further allow you to share your projects with loved ones and colleagues. So if you want to give this one a go, head straight to the official website, Google Play or Apple App Store to procure the program.

2 – Catch:


This entrant in our apps like Springpad roster is set to ‘catch’ all your important ideas without letting any of them slip through. They can be saved in any form you desire like text, photo and voice notes or reminders. There’s even a handy capture wheel for accommodating all these bits without breaking a sweat. And once these precious thoughts are safely within your sights, the developer of this software urges you to put these ideas into action. You can share checklists, documents, notes and even entire spaces for private collaboration with others. Everything is safely backed up for free to the company’s official website. You can also protect your notes from prying eyes by assigning a 4-digit passcode. There are browser extensions as well as Android and iOS apps available at your fingertips.

3 – Things:


Although it’s christened with a simple name, this engaging treat comes packed to the hilt with some pretty comprehensive features that allow you to store, ideas, notes, reminders and more. For one, it seamlessly lets you punch in your thoughts and organize the same so that you can view your ideas easily without having to fish through tons of clutter. The brains behind this gem urge you to segregate your tasks into different sections like Today and Someday and employ the use of Tags for assigning priorities and contexts. And through the Quick Entry window, you can jot down your thoughts without interrupting your work. Your notes are stored in the Things Cloud and hence can quickly be accessed via your Mac, iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. However, you’ll have to shell out just under $50 to acquire the desktop edition. The portable versions are up for grabs at just under $10.

4 – Growly Notes:

Growly Notes

This interestingly-named service similar to Springpad is your one-stop-shop for penning down notes and storing them safely online. It enables you to organize research projects, to-do lists, audio clips, PDF files, weblinks, drawings, movies, video clips and images all in one place. With this program sitting on your computer, you’re never too far from your bright ideas and a whole lot of extra trimmings that can be added to these thoughts.

Additionally, you can form a collage of pictures or endow your pages with extra notes and shapes. Highly customizable in nature, you’ll be able to alter the layout of the software by changing the font, text and background color. This delight is fashioned to please Mac users who are looking for a solution similar to the one in question.

5 – OneNote:


The next inclusion in our array emerges from the house of Microsoft. This particular gem can accommodate both handwritten as well as typed notes along with web pages, links, videos, sketches, photos and much more. You can even decorate your notes with additional bits of information that come in different forms like documents, spreadsheets, and charts. And with the presence of the Inking feature, you’ll be able to write, draw and edit stiff with a mouse, stylus or even your finger.

Even your handwritten work can be transformed into text bits. When the time comes to search for a certain file, all you have to do is type in a keyword, term or title and the program will find it for you. And with the documents saved online on SharePoint or SkyDrive by default, you can seamlessly collaborate with others. As expected, there are respective apps allotted for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

6 – Task Coach:

Task Coach

This simple open source to-do manager in our apps like Springpad round-up lets you store personal tasks, lists, and notes within different user-defined categories. Through this software, you can view your tasks in a tree or list format, and even sort them out by task attributes like due date, budget, and subject. What’s more, you’ll also be able to endow your files with a plethora of filters that will help you sort your tasks even better.

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The program even supports a host of platforms like Mac OS X, Windows, BSD, Linux, and iOS devices. Now while the desktop version is free to download, the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone apps have been priced at just under a dollar each.


So after glancing at the aforementioned options, have you successfully zeroed in on a Springpad alternative? Did you find one companion that will help you pen down your precious thoughts as they creep into your head without a prior invitation? Well, do give them all a try and don’t forget to tell us about your favorite option.