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10 Spotify Alternatives

Here are 10 great Spotify alternatives to get you back into the groove. Those who might be feeling a little low considering the limited 6-month free trial period and other restrictions might want to look at other options available across the tech terrain. What’s more, most of the solutions we’ve mentioned here are accessible through various portable handsets, so you’re never too far from awesome music.

1 – Deezer:


The party begins with a fresh delight christened Deezer that enables music lovers to discover, share and listen to over 18 million songs, whether they’re riding the bus or lounging out on their couch at home. There are loads of artist-based and themed radio channels to avail of absolutely free of cost. Looked upon as a traveler’s best companion, you can download complete albums and playlists directly onto your handset to listen in even without an internet connection.

2 – last.fm:


Love hearing new songs but tired of getting weird tracks that make you cringe instead? Well, you’ll no longer have to face such as scenario with last.fm. It helps you zero in on new music based only on the tunes you adore. And you have software known as the Scrobbler to thank for that. It takes into consideration how often you play a song and which of your pals have similar interests. This space also allows you to familiarize yourself with other audiophiles and even acquire recommendations for festivals and different events.

3 – Grooveshark:


Grooveshark invites you to ‘embark on a mind-opening journey of incredible new music.’ You’ll be bombarded with new releases, videos, playlists and even an Explore section. The on-demand music streaming and discovery service let you spread foot-tapping tunes to loved ones through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

YouTube video

And unlike a few other services in our sites like Spotify list, Grooveshark doesn’t have any sort of country-specific limitation so you can enjoy tracks anywhere, anytime.

4 – We7:


Simply termed as We7, this music streaming website aims to ‘power the world with great music.’ And in its endeavor to do so, the gem places tons of free melodies, right at your fingertips. You can create stations by simply punching in your favorite genre, theme, and artist. It will then pluck out similar songs from a library of more than 10 million tracks. There are even pre-programmed themed stations to take advantage of. And besides catering to your tastes online, this service also extends to Android- and iOS-powered devices through apps.

5 – Rdio:


Listening to good old radio and music need not be confined to just your stereo system or handset. The social music service called Rdio can even be acquired through your computer, iPad and other tablets, the Sonos speaker system and Roku apart from the BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Android, iPhone, and iPod touch.

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According to the developers, you’ll be able to get your hands on different types of music that range from cult classics to rare tracks.

6 – Slacker:


Wondering what’s Slacker? Well, the next entrant in our services similar to Spotify array is an interactive internet radio service that comprises of various stations which ring forth with a whole slew of different music types categorized under specific genres. So if you like country, you can tune into the right radio station and relax with the tunes of Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, and Garth Brooks. And while you’re listening to your custom music, you can also stay abreast of all the match scores and breaking news via its respective stations.

7 – Pandora Radio:

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio, the free personalized radio is another gem that provides you with only the tunes you want to hear. Simply state your favorite songs, artists or classical composers and Pandora will fashion a custom station that will boom with similar sort of sounds.

There are also various music and comedy genre-specific stations covering topics like power workout, smooth jazz, and dub-step. As the maker suggests, you can create up to 100 personalized stations for your listening pleasure.

8 – 8tracks:


Staying true to its name, 8tracks enables you to share and discover all the latest music in the form of playlists that are packed with a minimum of 8 tracks each. You can dabble in a truckload of playlists that are fashioned by music enthusiasts strewn across the globe as well as create your own mix.

You can find your favorite music or similar tracks merged into different amalgamations by surfing through different categories like genre and artist.

9 – Musicovery:


No matter whatever mood you’re in, you can be sure Musicovery will have an apt station that will suit your present frame of mind. If it’s energetic tunes, dark music, calm sounds or positive vibes are what you’re looking for than this inclusion in our sites like Spotify lineup will provide you with all that and much more. You can even groove to your favorite tunes minus an internet connection. So play your mood and recover from what life throws at you with Musicovery.

10 – Songza:


The tagline used by the developer of Songza is, ‘perfect music for every occasion.’ What’s more, you needn’t be burdened by audio advertisements or monthly listening limits. Avail of playlists that are scattered across the website by genre, activity, mood and decade. You can further spread the love by sharing your favorite tracks with friends and family through email and Facebook. And if you’re away from your PC, fret not, as your tunes can travel with you via different applications that are formulated for the Kindle Fire, iDevices and Android gadgets.


So which of the aforementioned goodies caught your eye, or should we say, caught your ear? The extensive platter of 10 Spotify alternatives is laid out just for you. Do try each one of them and let us know what you think by penning down your thoughts in the box provided below.