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This nifty device helps you spot spy cameras hidden in any room

SpyFinder Pro

Peeping Toms are everywhere these days, spying on you through hidden cameras so tiny they’re undetectable to the naked eye. Hotels, changing rooms, bathrooms, offices, Airbnb rentals – any of them can be bugged with a small camera concealed inside a pen, shampoo bottle, photo frame, DVD players, lamps, and clocks.

Unless you’re a trained security expert with a sharp eye, it would be difficult for you to spot these cameras. This is where a new device called the SpyFinder Pro comes in. The product can apparently sweep a room and detect where these secret lenses are located.

How the SpyFinder Pro Works

The principle behind it is simple. The SpyFinder Pro is a hand-sized, portable device which you have to switch on and raise to your eye. There are 6 red ultra-bright LED strobe lights on the other side of the viewfinder which flash on and off to bounce off a hidden camera. The reflection of the light makes it seem like the camera is blinking at you.

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The best part is, it doesn’t matter if the spy camera is active or not. As we mentioned above, the SpyFinder Pro utilizes light to find lenses so there’s no need for the camera to be on. There are also 3 LED intensity levels to help you uncover these cameras behind different surfaces without any false reflections.

It should be noted that the SpyFinder Pro can’t find any other type of spying equipment such as GPS trackers or audio recording instruments. It’s capable of seeking out wired, wireless, digital, analog, CCD, CMOS, CCTV, and Fisheye cameras at distances of up to 45 feet.

SpyAssociates, the company behind the gadget, has set up a Kickstarter page to fund the SpyFinder Pro. It’s priced at $198 (roughly Rs 14360) on the site, a $50 discount from its official rate. Shipments are set to begin from December 2018. The brand’s already gone past its $10000 goal thanks to 107 backers giving it $27533.