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How to Spot Fake Brands – New Gadget


A New York company announced that they have a device that can help you determine if a bag is authentic or not. Often, people check if their Louis Vuitton bag is authentic by touching the leather pattern and pouring over the print patterns.

More information regarding the gadget that can detect fake brands

Entrupy’s solution

This is a handheld microscope camera which allows anybody who has a Smartphone to inspect an expensive item within a very short time. This service was launched one year ago and the owner says that its accuracy as gone up to more than 98% for eleven labels incorporating Gucci, Chanel and Vuitton.

Entrupy device augments items 260 times. This implies that the features that human beings cannot see with their bare eyes become significant signs: paint overruns, small spaces in a leather grain and misshapen stamp spots.

This device appears like a heavy flashlight which has a wireless setup. It may be rented for a starting fee of 299 dollars. Monthly plans begin from 99 dollars, an amount that one can easily earn from casino bonus or any other source of income. At the moment, around 16 companies incorporating wholesalers, online retailers and pawn stores have registered.


Srinivasan and 2 researchers from New York institution had begun Entrupy in 2012.  This was the inflection point time for PC insight. Improvements in algorithms at ImageNet science contest boosted how machines can determine items in photographs with the assistance of immense data sets to get designs. This was a landmark period for more learning technologies which also underpin self driven vehicles and software for recognizing speaking.

With assistance from Yann LeCun (Facebook Inc.’s principal of AI research) and Entrupy’s angel investor, Srinivasan and the two researchers begun with an intuition that machines can be taught how to view images of luxury items and extract something like a genome, an essence of, a Fendi or a Hermes handbag.

The challenge was that extensive research needed a lot of data which they never had. No one among them had designer handbags, fake or not fake.

After several spy operations to the ladies’ shops, they persuaded some second-hand stores to allow them to obtain their catalogs. Entrupy’s database currently contains plenty of photos from around thirty thousand divergent purses and handbags. The system learns as customers upload new images.


In July, Entrupy collected 2.6 million dollars from investors headed by an initiative amidst Digital Garage Inc. in Tokyo and Daiwa Securities Group Inc. Srinivasan said that the money will be put to designing a quicker and more lightweight gadget and add other labels to Entrupy’s list. He also said that they are trying to find where else their software can be used.

How the software functions in general

Srinivasan said that Entrupy performs perfectly on all items excluding porcelain and diamonds. This is because porcelain and diamond are refractive which requires them to use optical inspection. He further indicated that they have tried it on phones, headphones, shoes, auto components, jackets and even crude oil.


Determining whether the item you buy is authentic is a hectic process which is not entirely correct as seen from most online reviews. Entrupy solution is likely benefit a lot of people.