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Spore Creature Creator Game announced by HP and EA

Spore Creature Creator Screenshot

HP and Electronic Arts (EA) have announced the release of their much anticipated game, Spore Creature Creator for the PC. Soon Asia Pacific gamers will be able to download the trial version of the game.

Users can enjoy the Spore Creature Creator game by creating and evolving life, establish tribes, build civilizations, sculpt entire worlds and explore a universe filled with creations made by other gamers. Players are equipped with creative tools to customize various aspects of their universe such as creatures, vehicles, buildings and even UFOs.

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“Consumer computing has matured and HP understands that the PC serves as the critical link to connect users with digital content and experiences that are important to them. Personal computing is not just about great design and performance. It is also about the unique out-of-box experiences one has with the PC and the array of content choices available that promotes self-expression and creative freedom in this increasingly digital world,” said Ajay Mohan, vice president, Marketing, Personal Systems Group, HP Asia Pacific and Japan.

“With EA and Spore, we found a strong synergy in providing customers across all age groups a unique PC experience and an avenue to express themselves, with imagination as the only limit,” added Mohan.

“The team at EA’s Maxis studio is thrilled to partner with HP to help bring the Spore Creature Creator to gamers in Asia,” said Lucy Bradshaw, Spore’s Executive Producer and General Manager of Maxis. “The Spore Creature Creator gives players powerful and intuitive tools to express their creativity and share their creations with their friends and the world through this promotion.”

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Gamers located in Asia Pacific will be able to download the trial version of Spore Creature Creator from mid-July 2008 and can also create their own Spore creatures.

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