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Spooky Yet Smart Halloween Home Solutions For 2019

halloween-gadgets While it’s true that America typically goes all out for Halloween with their costumes, decorations, and all-round celebrations, much more so than the UK does typically (with only 23% of British adults saying they will take part, as opposed to 81% of Americans), decorating for this devilish festivity can be extremely fun, and also a good excuse to practically prepare your home for the coming dark winter months.

Looking for some ways to spook up your home in time for Halloween? Here are a couple of different ideas that you might want to consider, that will also help to modernize your house long after the ghouls have gone home.

Mood Lighting

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Want to set a spooky scene without having to spend a fortune on themed decorations that will get broken or thrown away soon after? LED smart lighting is affordable enough to not have you looking like you’ve seen a ghost after checking the price point, and it’s extremely easy to install, with you just having to screw in a lightbulb rather than spending loads of time moving furniture around.

Smart lighting solutions are become increasingly popular in modern homes throughout the country, and can be one of the many things you can do to also get your home feeling a bit more up to date with current trends. In the city center, many buy-to-let apartments offered by RW Invest have smart lighting functionality which is used to not only appeal to young people and tenants looking to move to an urban area, but also to increase efficiency and save energy when not in use. This is because it has been proved to be eco-friendlier than traditional alternative lighting methods. If you want to save money on your property, LED and automatic lighting methods such as these could prove more cost-effective in the long term.

A cheaper mood lighting alternative, which you should do regardless of some good Halloween fun, is pumpkin carving. It’s a classic, cheap family activity, and carving your masterpiece will make your home stand out from the rest on the street when proudly candle-lit and displayed on the windowsill.

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Want to spy on the local community but without getting noticed? Providing your area’s trick or treaters aren’t into ‘smashing pumpkins’, hiding your security cameras or CCTV equipment in a secret Jack-O-Lantern can be a nice spooky way of keeping tabs on who’s been taking too much candy!

This is a terrible idea, of course, but jokes aside, securing your property and making sure you and your neighbor’s kids are safe this Halloween is always important, so it could be worth considering updating your home security solutions sooner rather than later. In 2019, it’s easier than ever to set up an efficient and intuitive security camera system, as most of them are weatherproof, and connect to the Wi-Fi in your home.

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If you’re a Halloween scrooge that doesn’t want to get involved with pesky trick or treaters coming to your door, with devices like the Ring video doorbell you can remotely see and even speak to visitors without even getting up from your seat. These upgrades and improvements will help you long after the last ghost decoration or pumpkin has been put away, and will give you added peace-of-mind in and out of your home. With many of these types of devices, you can even access feeds remotely.