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7 Spooky Apps For iPhone

Spooky Apps For iPhone

Spooky apps for iPhone are sure to send chills up your spine every time you glance at your Apple device. We know that it’s a little too early to be celebrating Halloween but do you really need a reason to have a good spook every now and then? We have virtually dived into old mausoleums and unearthed ancient sarcophagi, to come up with a ghoulish list that would definitely make your hair stand on end. These delights spread across our list, truly offer you thrills in all forms, be it through scary apparitions, real life ghost stories, Zombification or haunted houses. And we’ve even thrown in a couple of apps that let you communicate with the dead. So dare we ask you to proceed?

1 – ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier:

ZombieBooth 3D Zombifier

Have you ever wondered how you would look like if you were a zombie? Well, you don’t need to ponder any longer as the ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier app is here to do just that. It transforms your photo into a 3D, animated mindless menace. After scanning through more than 50 zombie variations and making your desired creation, you can even breathe life into it and watch the undead picture blink and growl right before your eyes. And if you try touching the screen, the monstrosity will even attempt to snap at your finger.

Besides imagining how you would appear during a zombie apocalypse, you can endow the 3D Zombifier treatment onto your friends and even your pet dog. Share the hideous snaps on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

USP: As the Cranberries would have said, ‘Zombie, Zoombie, Zooombie ie ie ie’

Price: $0.99

2 – Ghost Radar:

Ghost Radar

Next up on our list of apps for iPhone is the Ghost Radar portable application. This offering detects paranormal activity by exploiting the handset sensors. It shows indications only when there are interesting patterns emerging via its analyzed readings. Arming you with your own personal paranormal detecting equipment, the software incorporates an advanced UI, settings options and reporting capability.

What’s even freakier, the energy bursts by the unknown specter are detected through radar indicators, graphics, numeric values and the creepiest of the lot, translated into words. The app is also available in other languages besides English like French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German.

USP: Wielding your iPhone loaded with the Ghost Radar app would surely make you feel like a Ghostbuster. Now all you need is your proton pack.

Price: $0.99

3 – Fright Factory:

Fright Factory

The Fright Factory app ports along a 4-in-1 bonus as it features various scary elements such as a horrific Fright FX soundboard, sound activated scares, spooky optical illusions with sudden monster pop up and a strobe light complete with background music. The sound effects that can be blared out include Mummy, Ghost and Zombie noises as well as chainsaw, guts, Werewolf howls, chains, screams and bone crush, among others. You can scare anyone out of their wits by presetting an eerie audio clip like a woman screaming, to play aloud after a limited time period. The haunting ambience is further laced by background tracks such as a pulsating piano, whispering wind and church organ.

USP: 4 in 1 – the more, the merrier (and scarier).

Price: $1.99

4 – Ghost Tour:

Ghost Tour

Are your curious about ghouls? Do you often wonder what goes bump in the night? The Ghost Tour entrant in our apps for iPhone sheds light on the horrific and sad tales of poltergeists and spirits that roam the vast expanses of the U.S. and Canada. From haunted mansions and asylums to eerie cemeteries and hotels, you can acquire pictures and first-hand accounts of ghosts that float across the hallways of these places. An ideal software option for ghost hunters, the GPS mapping attribute aids them in locating nearby haunted areas. You can further maintain a private log for jotting down your own spooky experiences.

USP: Move aside The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) and make way for your own version of Ghost Hunter Escapades.

Price: $0.99

5 – Snap Ghost:

Snap Ghost

Capture ghost photos with your iPhone by employing the Snap Ghost app. With a host of customization options at your disposal, you can create pictures in both color and black and white, complete with specter apparitions to make them look as if they’ve received that ethereal touch. No, you wouldn’t need any special photography skills to capture these beings. All you have to do is chose from a range of scary pictures to embed into your picture and you’re good to go. You can position your ghoul behind the trees, next to your friends or even peering out from a window. All your creations can then be shared with friends via email and Facebook.

USP: Faces from beyond the grave also love to pose for photographs.

Price: Free

6- True Ghost Stories From Around The World:

True Ghost Stories

Do you get a kick out of reading spooky tales about the undead? Then we suggest you download True Ghost Stories From Around The World, which features next in our lineup of apps for iPhone. It is a treasure chest of countless scary stories that are shared by people from all across the globe. Individuals from Russia, England and other parts of the UK, Japan, the U.S., Canada, Korea, Singapore and Australia have broken their silence and related their eerie incidents. Some have even shared pictures along with their accounts.

USP: a great app to take along for sleepovers or a night out in the woods.

Price: $0.99

7 – Ask the Dead:

Ask the Dead

‘Are you ready to communicate with the dead?’ The Ask the Dead app infuses the centuries-old practice of turning to the dead for insight and modern technology. This offering provides you with an Ouija Board and Guided Séance sessions. To indulge in the former, you will have to place 2 fingers on the planchette and wait for the spirits to guide your hand across the letters and numbers on the board. The latter involves a virtual flickering flame and your outstretched palm across the fire.

USP: Will my crush ever ask me out? Why not consult the spirits and ‘Ask the Dead’?

Price: $0.99

The aforesaid spooky apps for iPhone have some great stuff to keep you entertained if you like dabbling in the affairs of the unknown. But beware, as a few of them might just keep you awake at night and leave you wondering about every single creek you hear and shadow you see. But if you want to throw caution to the wind and dig deeper into the unexplained, then all of our picks would provide you with paranormal presences and messages from beyond the grave. Do let us know which ones managed to spook you silly. And if you have a few suggestions of your own, why not drop us a comment in the box below?