Speedy Indiatimes Mail with Web 2.0 Technology launched by Times Internet

Indiatimes Mail Screenshot

Indiatimes, the digital venture of Times Internet has launched a new email solution called ‘Indiatimes Mail’ which is powered by Web 2.0 powered technology and functionalities. Indiatimes Mail promises to be futuristic, simple, fast and intuitive.

According to Indiatimes, the new Indiatimes Mail will act as a one-stop destination to satisfy communication and collaboration needs on the Internet.

The best part about Indiatimes Mail is that is offers unlimited space. Another great feature is that it allows user to interact on the Internet without ever having to log out.

Besides offering users a speedy mail experience, Indiatimes Mail also offers a host of other features such as a Shared Calendar, Shopping & Travel, Translator, Contact Collector, Create and Share Documents Online, Mash Ups, Drag and Drop, Conversational View and Tagging.

The mash-up feature refers to mixing of at least two different services from different Web sites, allowing users to save time.

And, the contact collector feature enables users to add all participants in a mail conversation to the address book at once using the drag-and-drop function.

Dinesh Wadhawan, Managing Director & CEO of Times Internet launched the new Indiantimes Mail saying, “The new Indiatimes Mail is based on latest AJAX, Web 2.0 technology which offers a user friendly interface and the most advanced features which will allow users to virtually ‘Live out of the Inbox’. The enhanced functionalities and young look will appeal to today’s netizens and new adopters. I am confident that the new Indiatimes Mail with its futuristic features will definitely change the paradigm of e-mail usage.”

In an effort to enable users to experience Indiatimes Mail irrespective of bandwidth issues, Indiatimes has introduced this email solution in AJAX 9for high speed connectivity) and HTML (for low speed connectivity) versions.

Sharing his views Abinash Tripathi, Managing Director, Zimbra said, “We are excited to partner with Indiatimes to deliver an integrated email and communications experience which is World-class and will enable Indians to experience a very rich yet simple user experience with linkages to meaningful content. Together we will focus on bringing interactivity and fun into the communication and collaboration world in India. This is a first step to many exciting innovations to follow.”